The real Darren?

This is where Darren Hughes felt most at home politically.

Until he realised his ambitions could only be served, if he jumped ship and joined the Labour Party.

He did this mid term, abandoning his core support in the process!

Darren then lost his seat to an Independent, as a totally unconvincing Labour candidate!

Darren is, quite incredibly, on Labour’s ticket for the European Elections this May! Don’t Labour do any due diligence? It would appear not?

Tory Darren

Darren could well do with studying the contents of this post which tells us who his enemies really are:

How to make friends and influence people?

Rotherham Politics has documented previously, the rather nasty side of Jahangir Akhtar, AKA Agent Garbo, and his representative on Earth, GraldHunter AKA Donald H Buxton. Their victims have included Roger Stone, Shaun Wright, Sarah Champion, Chris Read, Gerald Smith, Mahroof … Continue reading

6 thoughts on “The real Darren?

  1. I can remember not voting for Darren Hughes as a Conservative in Anston, I didn’t trust him, it was no surprise to see him flip sides.


    • If he is standing as a Labour candidate in the European elections, I wouldn’t worry, it’s a safe UKIP seat.


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