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Lets have a party!


Stuart Thornton gets a response to his Freedom of Information request and makes the following observations. It seem as though Dazza gets the Town hall for free to run the interviews for the Labour Party selection process. Dazza is not … Continue reading

Specially for Labour members


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Thought it might prove useful to Labour members and students of politics in Rotherham to see the latest Labour Party Rule Book. Sure to make interesting reading, as the local Rotherham Labour members only get to see what those in … Continue reading

The scale of Labour’s problem?


Nothing quite exemplifies the scale of Labour’s problems in Rotherham, than the list of Labour councillors, whose term of office expires next May. There are some real incompetents, deadbeats and worse, among this bunch. They are also all signed up … Continue reading

Darren Hughes an unconvincing Labour man


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A source who ticked the ‘no publicity box’ has supplied this reminder of the start of Darren’s political journey. This leaflet was distributed in Darren’s election battle for the Anston & Woodsetts Ward in 2008. This victory, was followed by … Continue reading

The real Darren?


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This is where Darren Hughes felt most at home politically. Until he realised his ambitions could only be served, if he jumped ship and joined the Labour Party. He did this mid term, abandoning his core support in the process! … Continue reading

Private Eye – The Daz Edition – In Full!

Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs column features our old friend Darren Jason Louis Hughes, no less. Private Eye edition 1339 should be on sale now, do yourself a favour get yourself a copy still only £1:50, there is much more than this, to make your purchase worthwhile!

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PE 1339

Daz 1Daz 2Many apologies to Private Eye.

Private Eye – The Daz Edition

Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs column features our old friend Darren Jason Louis Hughes, no less. Private Eye edition 1339 should be on sale now, do yourself a favour get yourself a copy still only £1:50!:

PE 1339

Before the nomenclatura get carried away, two of them are mentioned too! Come back later for more.

A wag has suggested a new name for,, perhaps?

Daz gets selected/shortlisted?

Darren Hughes

Darren Hughes


Shortlisted MEP Candidate for Yorkshire and the Humber Region. Labour/Coop Party. Chairman of Shield HIV and Rush House Ltd. All tweets in a personal capacity

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From Tales from The Town Hall:

Darren Hughes – One To Watch

(Posted 01/05/12)

Don’t take your eye off Darren Hughes. Look away for just a brief moment and all could have changed. This is the Conservative who was elected to Rotherham Council by supporters in the Anston and Wooodsetts ward in 2008, became leader of the Conservative group on the council, and then quit the Tory Party two years later. Read on…

Del Boy Appears… Disappears

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

Well well well, just like the bad penny or the smell you get when you have trodden in something on the sidewalk … up pops Del Boy, Da Laybah Champayne Commissar twitter-twattering with Da Stasi Commissaress …

Darren Hughes @darrenjlhughes

@darrenjlhughes’s account is protected.
2h Emma Hoddinott Emma Hoddinott ?@Emma_Hoddinott

@darrenjlhughes smart meters would solve this. I get concerned that some people won’t question and struggle to pay.

12:53 PM – 18 Sep 12

Del Boy has run away from public view but is still twitter-twattering to The Favoured Few who’ve signed the Friendship Pledge of the champayne chattering clarsses …

Any sign of a contrite apology for his earlier major lapse of judgement with Comrade Longshanks? No – thought not.

Kind Regards,

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