General Election 2017 Candidates Agents Appointed

Rother Valley:


Wentworth & Dearne:


10 thoughts on “General Election 2017 Candidates Agents Appointed

  1. Not looking good for “Saint Sarah”, her agent has already cost the Labour party at least 3 seats. if the UKIP candidate gets out and does the work, Sir Kev is also looking shaky. At the 2015 election he must have been “wobbling”, we actually saw him walking around Anston, not seen him since. He loves Rotherham so much, he lives in Derbyshire, not far from “Saint Sarah”.


  2. Was he on his own Cos he recons no one talks to him not even his brother and daughter
    Perhaps he was giving out invites to his coffee mornings theirs lots of seats he recons no one come to them also a real Billy no mates


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    • Dazza was, I am told, once a Liberal Democrat when he was using his given name Darren J Shaw.
      He walked off leaving behind quite a headache of an unpaid printers bill!
      I am sure Rothpol’s readers would be interested in more about Dodgy Darren, contributions as comments would be best, so we can all see them.


  4. Darren Shaw/Hughes has too much baggage to be a convincing labour agent, pity Sarah didn’t understand Darren’s past before appointing him? Wonder how many votes he will loose her and will he keep her out of trouble in accounting for the money spent campaigning?


  5. My advice to ‘follow the money’ is certainly true with Darren Shaw.
    Shield HIV, a defunct ‘charity’, would be a good place to start?


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