General Election 2017 Candidates Agents Appointed


Rother Valley: Rotherham: Wentworth & Dearne: .

How did Rotherham's three MP's Vote? What does it reveal?

This is the way the three local MP’s voted in the Labour Leadership Election.

Candidate Abbot D Balls Ed Burnham A Miliband D Miliband Ed
Barron, Kevin 5 4 1 3 2
Healey, John 1 2
MacShane, Denis 1

Want to look for someone else? Full List Here. Harriet Harman did not Vote, nice move given that she is still Labour’s Deputy Leader.

Now the Constituency Section of the Leadership Electoral College:

Leadership Votes by Constituency
Candidate Abbot D Balls Ed Burnham A Miliband D Miliband Ed
Rother Valley 11 16 34 69 38
Wentworth 10 32 28 118 69
Rotherham 9 18 21 85 45
Totals 30 66 83 272 152

Votes by CLP: Full List Here

Votes by Affiliated Members: Full List Here

This goes a long way to explain Denis doing a passable impression of the ‘Vicar of Bray’, through gritted teeth, within minutes of the result and John Healey’s seeming determination not to let himself appear in the same camera shot as David Miliband during R’Ed’s Leader’s speech yesterday, I’m sure he will now have neck ache, we might have the explanation?

No sign of Kevin Barron.

Local Labour Party members are reportedly not best pleased with Healey and Barron, the next round of meetings should be interesting! Surprisingly Denis has been adjudged to have voted correctly on this occasion, most unusual!