Private Eye – The Daz Edition – In Full!

Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs column features our old friend Darren Jason Louis Hughes, no less. Private Eye edition 1339 should be on sale now, do yourself a favour get yourself a copy still only £1:50, there is much more than this, to make your purchase worthwhile!

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PE 1339

Daz 1Daz 2Many apologies to Private Eye.

4 thoughts on “Private Eye – The Daz Edition – In Full!

  1. Because Hughes flip-flops his opinions on a regular basis he should feel at home in the Labour party.
    ‘We are against the re-organisation of the benefits system’
    Not really, we like playing the opposition card.
    ‘We will raise public spending’
    No we won’t, we say it because we need more votes.
    ‘We need more social housing’
    We did’nt build more homes because we squandered the money.

    I wonder which lucky(!) constituency will have Hughes foisted upon them?
    Please God, not anywhere in Rotherham.


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