Private Eye – The Daz Edition

Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs column features our old friend Darren Jason Louis Hughes, no less. Private Eye edition 1339 should be on sale now, do yourself a favour get yourself a copy still only £1:50!:

PE 1339

Before the nomenclatura get carried away, two of them are mentioned too! Come back later for more.

A wag has suggested a new name for,, perhaps?

Daz gets selected/shortlisted?

Darren Hughes

Darren Hughes


Shortlisted MEP Candidate for Yorkshire and the Humber Region. Labour/Coop Party. Chairman of Shield HIV and Rush House Ltd. All tweets in a personal capacity

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From Tales from The Town Hall:

Darren Hughes – One To Watch

(Posted 01/05/12)

Don’t take your eye off Darren Hughes. Look away for just a brief moment and all could have changed. This is the Conservative who was elected to Rotherham Council by supporters in the Anston and Wooodsetts ward in 2008, became leader of the Conservative group on the council, and then quit the Tory Party two years later. Read on…

Del Boy Appears… Disappears

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

Well well well, just like the bad penny or the smell you get when you have trodden in something on the sidewalk … up pops Del Boy, Da Laybah Champayne Commissar twitter-twattering with Da Stasi Commissaress …

Darren Hughes @darrenjlhughes

@darrenjlhughes’s account is protected.
2h Emma Hoddinott Emma Hoddinott ?@Emma_Hoddinott

@darrenjlhughes smart meters would solve this. I get concerned that some people won’t question and struggle to pay.

12:53 PM – 18 Sep 12

Del Boy has run away from public view but is still twitter-twattering to The Favoured Few who’ve signed the Friendship Pledge of the champayne chattering clarsses …

Any sign of a contrite apology for his earlier major lapse of judgement with Comrade Longshanks? No – thought not.

Kind Regards,

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In Tory Boy’s Case – Apology? Came There None!

Lower than a snakes belly!

Another pretender?

Rotherham Politics understands that there is another that is a potential ‘pretender’ to the role of Rotherham Member of Parliament.

This brings the total to three local Labour members, who are understood to be very interested. Mahroof Hussain MBE and Emma Hoddinott are joined by the exceedingly ambitious local businessman, Darren Hughes!

Darren Hughes is reportedly, very keen on being the first openly gay something, in Rotherham.

The Day ‘Fly on the wall’ met the Queen and the Mayor came too!

I would like to tell you of an interesting day out I had, quite by accident, just the other day.

As you know by now, I can usually be seen hanging round the Town Hall most of the time, but lately have witnessed some pretty rum goings on at parish councils as well, I digress.

I had decided to spend the night in the Mayors car, it’s nice and cosy there and no spiders to worry about. I was awoken at a distinctly ungodly hour when the Mayor’s Attendant and Driver turned up early. We picked up the Mayor and Mayoress and their two guests and headed south, I was getting quite excited by now, this was well out of the ordinary. I soon got bored though, fell asleep by the time we had gone nearly 50 miles!

I only woke up when the party got out of the car, you’ll never guess where we were? Buckingham Palace!

I couldn’t resist following them in, they were at the Queens Garden Party! Some jolly this?

Endless photographs were taken for posterity and I was confident that this would make a splash in The Advertiser and a major good news story on the Mayor’s pages on the RMBC website.

For the time I was there I must say I enjoyed the food and especially drinking from the tiny splashes that result from sparkling wine, don’t think it was champagne though, like Darren used to supply, but never mind I got quite squiffy, don’t remember much after about a dozen! I fell asleep and only woke up the next day with a terrible hangover, once back in the Town Hall I felt quite satisfied by my accidental jolly along with the Mayor and Mayoress.

I kept checking RMBC’s website but nothing was mentioned there. Disappointment too, from the Advertiser. Zero, zilch was mentioned publicly, just what was going on?

This question got it’s answer when I bumped into a mate the other day, who usually hangs around in the press office. He told me, that they never draw attention to jollies like the trip to Buck House, because  the natives wouldn’t understand the selfless service that the Mayor, Mayoress and their two guests provided Rotherham citizens by going on their behalf. The drinking and eating were entirely selfless acts, he explained, as was meeting the Queen and tugging the forelock!

I had bumped into a Rotherham State Secret no less, or at least that was the way it was explained to me! That, and the express insistence that I never, ever, raised questions about the cost of, unmentionable in public, jollies like this. The penalty for indiscretion, the fly spray!

I went back to my usual haunt, terrified by the potential difficulties I was now in. Once I stopped shaking, I started to think and I got very angry!!

I couldn’t keep this to myself so I’ve shared it with you. I feel much better now that it’s off my chest, but I’m sure that fly spray dodging will be the order of the day on Monday, oh dear!

Fly on the wall

Upset in Anston & Woodsetts ward!

For those eager readers waiting for full analysis of this years Rotherham local government elections, disappointment, I am afraid is inevitable! It takes time to do this.

The highlight of the night came at the very end of the counting session, with the declaration of the result for Anston & Woodsetts ward.

Clive Jepson, the doughty Independent, had beaten Darren Hughes!

What the voter giveth, they can take away again!

Selling out Anston’s green belt to the Brethren Cult, was never going to make Darren popular! It’s that kind of place, that and the simple fact, that they wouldn’t be taken for fools! Not twice!

Elections can be wonderful occasions! Revenge of the ‘duped’, perhaps? Or even Rotherham’s very own ‘Portillo’ moment?

More on this story later, when I wake up properly!

The results are here on the RMBC website.

Rocking Horse droppings at Greenlands TARA AGM – tonight!

Greenlands TARA AGM – tonight! Breathless report just in!

Darren Hughes turned up! Now there’s a surprise – he has never been at all in the last four years! Judy Dalton was invited – but “could not come”

Darren spoke with all authority – as if he was doing marvellous things. The audience were absolutely amazed at his audacity, knowing what he is like for never finishing anything or getting back to people.

Darren Hughes spoke on the following subjects:

LDF – The number is now down from 1K and some  to 501.
The new development will be parallel with Woodland Grove – our informant has never heard, of Woodland Grove – probably another lack of attention by Hughes.

Darren went on at length on the subject of the public consultation. Surprise, surprise! Another consultation in August!

Brethren School & Gospel Hall
Hughes has done extensive surveys in Laughton Common and everyone he has spoken to is FOR this. (depends how the question is framed!)
There was only 1 person against!  He said?

He has been in consultation with RMBC and said it did not go through because it was not written up strongly enough. Darren emphasised it is a Gospel Hall and If they word the reapplication to the effect that the Gospel Hall is not on Green Belt, it would go through.
RMBC know if it goes to appeal it will cost a lot of money.
Outrageously Darren Hughes & RMBC appear to be telling the Brethren how to word this application so it will be successful. He confirmed they will be putting in another application.

The fumes/pollution is causing concern from premises on the Monksbridge Trading Estate.
Darren Hughes set up a meeting with both the Paper Factory and Trade B, but never turned up – He has never been to any of the subsequent meetings either.
It is Clive Jepson along with Sandra Wallhead and others who attend.

Darren Hughes is making out that he does a great deal for the community – despite never getting back to them!

Funny that! Anyone might suspect that he wants the mugs from Anston & Woodsetts Ward to re-elect him?

Naked politicking or what? Nothing for four years, then he waltzes in on his white charger telling everyone how wonderful he is, Not!

Fly on the wall