Boston Castle Ward Labour Party – Entire Leadership Resigns!

Harry Bower resigns, resignation statement:


Published previously:

Time to prove Saj wrong

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Has multi-culturism failed us – new model required?

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Why did this report cause chaos at Boston Castle Ward?

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Disarray at Rotherham Ward

Intercepted from t’internet: Just back. When I got to the meeting there were insufficient seats for the numbers there. It was packed with Asians who I had never seen before (sleepers). Before the meeting commenced, a member asked (through the … Continue reading

16 thoughts on “Boston Castle Ward Labour Party – Entire Leadership Resigns!

  1. I note that the silence from moofy and family is deafening. Still no answers to the questions posed.

    Demonstrates why they failed to carry out duties dilligently and effectively.

    I will again repeat.

    is the muslim youth confined to kashmir or mirper?

    Was he elected as the leader or self appointed?

    Is it a genuine body?

    Is it part of a constutionally organised national network?

    Please tell us mubeen or cllr muroof

    As an added incentive
    If you do we will arrange a photo shoot and a mike!


    • Please don’t repeat, Accept that you are not going to get an answer here. Why not try their, and the Group’s, facebook and twitter accounts. Oh and please find them for yourself.


  2. Suppose with all the resignations, moofys interlopers can take over the positions to prevent being held to account?

    Is anna chester still active in ward matters?


  3. Intresting that all officers are resigning.
    Like a vote of no confidence in both the cllrs and rent a mob/impersonators thats brought their ward and the party into disrepute.

    Will their ward cllrs now fall on their swords and stand aside.

    Hope the nec and mr vaz are observing this toxic mess?


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