News Review – 21 November 2014

Goole arrests bailed

Rotherham MP quizzes Prime Minister over child abuse scandal in Rotherham

In other news:
1. Labour Shadow Attorney General steps down
But who was Emily Thornberry?
Born in July 1960, Emily Thornberry was raised on a council estate outside Guildford by her mother, a teacher and Labour councillor,
Thornberry was born in north Surrey to Cedric Thornberry, a Visiting Professor of War Studies at King’s College London, and his wife Sally Thornberry, a teacher
(Guildford is hardly North Surrey, IMHO).

2. UKIP wins another by-election
Detailed result:
As UKIP advances, modern politics could learn a few lessons from Aldi
Saw this via a Jane Collins re-tweet – ouch!
Just a thought
In the 2010 Election in Rother Valley, Lynda Donaldson – Tory got a sizable 28.4% of the vote, (Barron got 40.9%), if she defected to UKIP and stood again in 2015… we could say Barron bye bye. I voted for her last time, I would again .


9 thoughts on “News Review – 21 November 2014

  1. More:
    PM praises Rotherham MP over CSE work
    A very nice touch::
    “He said: “First, let me commend the honourable Lady for the work that she has done on this issue.
    “It is important that we learn the lessons from what happened in Rochdale (sic) and, indeed, in the city of Oxford, near to my constituency, and elsewhere.
    So he thinks Sarah is MP for Rochdale??????????.:-)
    He knows Oxford well ‘cos he went to university there, after his days at Eton.

    Ged Demsey writes to the Star “Freedom Riders deserve praise and recognition”

    Save us from more TripAdvisor style Prison Diaries
    McShame says “Welcome back, Andy Coulson. Let me tell you about life after prison”
    Some of us can still well remember Erwin James’s prison writings.


  2. Andrew Norfolk in the Times adds more information on the Goole arrests:
    “Three brothers were arrested yesterday by police investigating an alleged sex-grooming network whose members are suspected of abusing dozens of girls in Rotherham.
    Search warrants were executed at five addresses by detectives from Operation Clover, a criminal inquiry into the use and sale for sex of young teenage girls in the South Yorkshire town.
    The Times understands that panic alarms were fitted by police yesterday afternoon at the homes of a number of potential witnesses in the case. The detained men, aged 39, 38 and 35, were held on suspicion of sexual offences against “a number of under-age girls” between 1990 and 2001.
    Police made two arrests during early-morning raids at properties in Goole, East Yorkshire. The third brother was held some hours later. All three were taken to a South Yorkshire police station for questioning and later released on bail.
    It is understood that detectives working on the case have a list of 10 suspects and more than 150 potential victims.”


  3. R&S results are interesting compared to 2010. Overall gainers were non voters +8k, Assorted English Nationalists +15k, Greens +1k. Losers were Tories (9k), Labour (7k), Lds (8k). Assuming the Ld votes went to Greens or wouldn’t go to UKIP in a month of Sundays, that means only 1,000 out of 16,000 defecting Labour and Tories opted not to vote rather than give their vote to UKIP. Two main parties are haemorrhaging to UKIP while LDs have just lost will to live. All round it is horrendous for the mainstream. Also notable is that turnout wasn’t very much down on the GE. There could be as many people bothering to come out for UKIP in 2015 as for the 3 main parties.


  4. Think the public is sick and tired of the 3 mainstream parties, still not sure they see UKIP as a real alternative. But it’s got them worried.


  5. “Emily tweeted a photograph of a house in the constituency with the mordant comment: “Image from Rochester.” The snap depicted a thin new-build terraced house bedecked in England flags — the cross of St George — and with a white van parked in the drive. The subtext was, of course: “Look, these are the lowborn fascist scum who are about to deliver a by-election victory to Ukip. Now someone get me back to Islington, pronto. I need a fair-trade mung-bean-and-falafel wrap urgently. Where’s my driver?”

    Good for Emily. It is vital that senior members of the Labour party should be allowed — indeed encouraged — to express their visceral loathing for that section of society the party was set up to support. Otherwise working-class people, under some sort of delusion, might be tempted to vote for it next May. This is a freedom-of-speech issue. Reinstate the Islington One!”

    Rod Little – Times

    Pity article is behind the paywall

    That honest man and proper Labour MP Frank Field said that Thornbury will be deadly for Labour on the doorsteps, good


    “It is important that we learn the lessons from what happened in Rochdale (sic) and, indeed, in the city of Oxford, near to my constituency, and elsewhere.

    “We have to get every agency, whether it is the police, social services or schools, working together.

    “That is not happening in enough of our towns and cities, and it needs to.

    “The Home Office is leading this important effort and getting Departments to work together. I am convinced that we will make good progress.”

    There’s no feeling in these words, no anger, no sense of solidarity with victims and their families – just an air of insouciance.

    And the Westminster mainstream wonder why they are despised


  6. There is a serious disconnect with the Labour Party and the ordinary working man, remember this offensive creature poo poo the concerns on immigration, obviously wouldn’t effect someone like her in her circumstances. She and the rest of this out of touch Party, will pay the price of their snobbery in the next general election. Remember these are the same people who where denying the CSE was a big problem.


    • Labour have betrayed their roots, and morphed into something completely unattractive.

      Having said that though UKIP’s sub-Thatcherism doesn’t appear to have a great deal to offer the working man on the economic front, “free markets” are no good to the people of this country; though a reduction, or preferably a halt, to mass immigration which obviously leads to a vicious, dog eat dog labour market would be a great help . Maybe the Party will change to reflect more the economic interests of their working class and lower middle support base, maybe not – there is an unprecedented state of political flux. No single Party, and I think no combination, can now form a credible national government, so this is very uncharted waters indeed. Arguably the Blair government in 97 was the last chance to hold things together; but what a appalling shambles that turned out to be.


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