Some reflections on the strike

It is decision day for the changes to taxi requirements tomorrow.

Yesterdays strike by Rotherham taxi drivers and a protest by taxi drivers, planned for tomorrow, is a last ditch attempt to influence Commissionner Ney’s decision and is wrong at so many levels.

Thanks to Jay and Casey, we now know, the taxi licensing system was broken, corrupted and ‘not fit for purpose’!

Rotherham taxi drivers were revealed to provide the essential links to facilitate crime of a variety of kinds, including child sexual exploitation, rape of children, buggery, trafficking, prostitution and drug crime, but they want to ‘carry on as usual’? They are literally, the glue that joins things up.

How did this happen? It took the help of ‘certain aggressive councillors’, council officers and the police. We ended up with a system, that did not so much guarantee safety, as provide ‘impunity’ for criminals.

The taxi drivers still want the freedom to commit crimes with impunity, it would appear from information doing the rounds. It is Commissioner Ney’s duty to prevent this, by the means proposed, which should be implemented in full. The citizens of Rotherham require nothing less!

The worrying element for me about yesterdays strike, concerns the simultaneous benefit meeting, for Sajid Bostan. Reports vary as to attendance, 300 perhaps? Money was collected for a ‘fighting fund’ for Sajid! This was quite outrageous, they don’t appreciate how this looks to ordinary folk, that much is clear.

Power to Commissioner Ney’s elbow!


I certainly hope these outrageous scenes are not repeated tomorrow:

21 thoughts on “Some reflections on the strike

  1. I believe that depending on what a person has done in the past deserves a second chance. As long as what ever it is has not crossed that fine line of no second chance.motherwise we would have lots of criminals doing nothing and no reform.
    But second chance comes with some rules and guide lines
    Taxi drivers with any criminal background should not be allowed a licence as they serve customers day in day out from a wider community, age etc.
    It has been the case that there are vulnerable people using their service and everything should be done to protect them.
    Will RMBC look into their records and get rid of the bad apples?


    • Agree with everything you say. Rehabilitation and the concept of a second chance I subscribe to also.
      What do we do with those, who are simply not interested in rehabilitation? That is the serious issue!


    • After his conviction a complaint was made to the Licensing Board that Akthar’s seriously violenty behavior meant he was not fit person to be driving the people of this town. The PC Labour Councilllors on the Board

      merely gave him a warning!


      • Those who are considering going to the Town Hall tomorrow, should bear in mind their case was holed below the waterline yesterday, by conflating Sajid and the strike!

        Those who turn up tomorrow will be predominately Sajid’s supporters.

        A list of those attending, would make a useful starting point, for the police to investigate?

        There is an awful lot of CCTV that will aid identification too, how convenient!


  2. Sajid Bostan was and is allegedly responsible for the crimes of child sexual exploitation, rape of children, buggery, trafficking, prostitution and drug crime.
    Because of him whole of the taxi trade are having to suffer.
    99% of the taxi drivers are law abiding citizen just trying to earn day to day living.
    It’s the likes of Bostan family, Jahngir Akhtar, Mahroof Hussain, the plakis families who have and are corrupted and brought shame to the taxi trade.


    • What a load of rubbish Anon! If 99% of taxi drivers are law abiding, why were there so many demonstrating outside the Town Hall and why did so many go on strike? They are totally responsible for their own demise, THEY covered up what their leaders were doing and thought nothing of it, in other words they condoned what was going off.


  3. I agree that with you that some make it hard for the whole law abiding ones.
    Why is it that still the law abiding driver can’t distance then selves from those that are bad.
    I bet you the bad ones were at the meeting last night and probably made the most noise.m
    The two ******* and the ones that helped Sajid Bostan bully the guy in the pictures on the other thread.
    Why is that the corrupt ones ie like ****** and others that fiddle the contracts from other being greedy are let to get away with it.
    I want a fair and transparent process that all Asian and white taxi drivers can’t argue with.

    Edited for legal reasons, Rik.


  4. If Rotherham council cannot sort out a simple problem like the taxis..what chance does the police force and the political parties have of being cleansed of this filth that infiltrates decent society.
    Sajid Bostan and his associates should have been held to account from the rest of the Rotherham Muslim community … gutless/spineless and completely corrupt .


    • The hackney association and private hire committee was hand picked by Sajid, Mahroof and Jahngir.
      These people are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.
      It’s a great shame that these 2 committees where collecting for Sajid Bostan.


      • Time for new officers? These tyrants rule, only because they are allowed to operate in secret. The weapon that works best is public exposure, exactly the kind of thing we specialise in on Rotherham Politics. Rik


  5. Everybody has the right to withdraw labour, as is their right. Normally when a strike is call, the grieveing party would have a modicum of support, in this case it was revolusion. If they had presented there case, constructively as others, perhaps people would listen, however they decided with childish behaviour, obviously influrence by certain indidvuals, to cause inconvienice to the very people, they should be doing everything to win back their trust.

    There claiming that installing CCTV in taxis would infringe on privacy, cost a lot of money. But if we think about every form of public transport, they all have CCTV these days, nobody complains, because it’s for our safety, and that’s the way they, even more than anyone should think, after what’s happen. Get the impression, that most of them haven’t realise how serious a problem they have. Ultimately it’s for the protection of the public, their customers, their live hood.

    As for the benefit do for Mr Boston, would a normal cabbie, who wasn’t one of the family, have recieved such support, after being charge with such crimes? I doubt it, but it does reaffirm what most people think about this communtiy, they support there own, despite what they have done.


  6. Anyone involved with the cse scandal be they councillors or taxi drivers and we have a deputy chairman on the council who denied this state of affairs on tv should be in the case of a taxi driver never allowed a license again and if a councillor never be allowed to stand again all the victims have had is sorry or an apology even the local mp’s have quiet on the issue and what about immams and senior muslims have NEVER said a word lets have some openness and truth which i doubt a lot on the council will not know the meaning of the commissioners are the ones who should be telling the council what will be done but in some cases it does not seem so


  7. law abiding taxi drivers should not suffer for the actions of a heinous, backward, minority like Bostans and his crew.. uncomfortable of the idea of cameras installed in taxis – primarily for their privacy of their families and even customers. should customers be “filmed”? just sounds like they, the council, are trying to make things difficult for those who are trying to earn a living..


    • A living not paying your taxes, claiming benefits your not entitled to, committing abuse upon a defenceless women or child. Transporting them to more of your friends to have there wicked way with… could spend all day listing these law abiding Taxi driver crimes, but suffice to say one atrocity is one too much. Shape up or shift out.


  8. You might aswell also blame taxi drivers for- the UK having the highest birth rate for under 16 year-olds in the whole of Europe. The fact that more girls in England give birth before reaching their 16th birthday more than any other EU country is another problem caused by Taxi drivers and has nothing to do with the failings of UK society ofcourse.
    Perhaps another misleading report needs to be published by Prof Jay to take focus away from the real issues and the root cause of the problems and instead look for an easy target to blame rather than do some hardwork and real deep soul searching to admit that the problems are in the deeper remits of society- not helped by the local authorities or those that make decisions on a national scale to the detriment of all of us by sending out the wrong messages. Open your eyes people this time you’ll blame the taxi driver but what about the next time? STOP being duped by the media because if you are not careful the media will have you hating the people being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. Blaming taxi drivers is simply not good unless ofcourse you are that blind and cannot see beyond the realms of the media.


    • Hello “The Truth” or should we say Jahangir or Mahroof. I’m surprised you aren’t blaming the girls who were trafficked by Rotherham taxi drivers! What are you trying to cover up and do you really think we are as stupid as those members of your organisation who follow, support or cover up your corruption and criminality?


  9. Not all taxi drivers are supporting these strikes, some of us were not even asked! Not even made aware of the meetings to decide, it seems these meetings were loaded in favour of those of Mr Bostans friends, and have since been abused racially and personally by these ‘fit and proper’ taxi drivers.


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