Mahroof & Akhtar – When will Labour’s investigation report?

Councillor who ‘stifled talks’ on Rotherham sex grooming

A Labour Councillor in Rotherham is under investigation by the party for his alleged use of bullying and intimidation to stifle discussion of the town’s sex-grooming scandal.

Mahroof Hussain, who announced his resignation from the authority yesterday, is the subject of complaints from a fellow Labour Councillor and another member of the local party, relating to separate incidents last year.

Mr Hussain, 46, was named this week in a report that labelled Rotherham a failing authority and criticised senior Pakistani members of the council for wielding “disproportionate influence”.

An inspection found the council to be in a state of collective denial about the scale and extent of its failure to protect children from groups of men, largely members of the Pakistani community, who targeted and used them for sex.

Fear of being branded racist was said to have had paralysing effect on the willingness of staff to acknowledge and tackle the crime pattern.

The inspection was led by Louise Casey, director-general of the government’s families programme. She said staff felt that Mr Hussain, along with Jahangir Akhtar, the council’s former deputy leader, had “suppressed discussion” of sensitive issues that might upset “community relations”.

A police officer was said to have described a meeting at which the two men resisted an initiative to target taxi drivers and the Pakistani community in relation to sex-grooming crimes.

“Neither believed the extent of the problem that we were trying to communicate,” the officer said.

Mr Hussain admitted that he had lobbied licensing staff on behalf of taxi drivers, but denied placing undue pressure on council employees.

Two complaints against Mr Hussain are the subject of a formal investigation by Labour’s regional office.

One alleges that the arrival of a large group of Pakistani men led to the abandonment of a meeting at which Labour members were to have questioned their three ward councillors, including Mr Hussain, about their knowledge of child sexual exploitation in the town.

On another occasion, a Labour councillor is understood to have complained of being the victim of a false allegation of racism made by Mr Hussain, made with the aim of preventing a discussion about sexual exploitation of children.

Mr Hussain was unavailable for comment last night. A Labour spokesman said the party had “taken swift and decisive action” but “does not comment on internal investigations”.

He confirmed that the scope of its investigation into four Labour members in Rotherham who were suspended last year, including Mr Akhtar but not Mr Hussain, has widened to take account of the Casey report’s findings.

In response to the Casey report the government ordered the replacement of the council’s cabinet, including Mr Hussain, by a team of commissioners. Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, described the authority as “wholly dysfunctional”.

Paul Lakin, the council leader, announced his immediate resignation. The remaining six members said they would step down as soon as transitional arrangements were in place, but Mr Hussain went further by announcing his resignation with immediate effect.

Justice Lowell Goddard, the New Zealand High Court judge announced this week as the new chairwoman of the national inquiry into historical child sex abuse in Britain, confirmed yesterday that the inquiry would investigate the Rotherham scandal.

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17 thoughts on “Mahroof & Akhtar – When will Labour’s investigation report?

  1. Poor Ahktar and Moroof, after all those years, of loyal support for the Labour Party, to their benefit, when the **** hit the fan, the white folk dumps on them. Seems their getting an inappropriate amount of the blame for what happen. How convienant and conspicuous of these same loyal white folk, once someone they surppossenly could call friends, colleagues???! That not one has come out and spoke on their behalf. Seems that people who use others, can be used themselves.


      • I sincerely hope you wasn’t thinking I was giving any sucker to those two scallywags and their associates, for what they did, whatever comes to them they will fully deserve. My point is a small group, of devious, self seeking, clever indidvuals, somehow manage to manipulate the entire political and policing establishment to turning a blind eye to this atrocity. I don’t think so.

        Just as we assume they must’ve know what was going on, it would be reasonable to assume, that others, often named, but somehow not discipline. Those lot in Doncaster, why is it only now,there being looked at. The one in Birmingham, where may I might add, it’s about to explode like Rotherham, seems to to be smelling whiter than white. How long those it take to find out who moved and destroy evidence from Risky Business offices in 2000. Forget the IPCC enquiry, their come up with nothing, as usual.

        If we’re looking for scapegoats, it should be a collective, not a few malign, unsavourary characters. It seems the Mahoof, Ahktar and Pakistani communtiy have serve their useful purposes and are surplus to requirements. Or is the smell so prevading, even the lowlife which has become the Labour Party, can’t stomach anymore.


      • There will be many more exposed, during our due-diligence of Labour’s finest, as the coming weeks and months go by.
        The reason cries of ‘racism’ have had such a powerful effect is for the simple reason there are so many avowed racists in Labour Group they are terrified of the accusation, to which they have no defence, simple to understand once that little fact, is placed in context.


  2. Anony-mouse…there are so many of you that I feel all the anonymous contributors could come form a new political party…the Anonymoose Congress Party…

    There’s a danger that the Mirpuri community start to feel sorry for themselves, just as the taxi drivers do…so we should be clear…

    Rotherham has a long history of bent and disreputable white politicians, even excluding the recent ones. Some of whom are gone and some, dead men/woman walking, will soon be seeking supplementary pension.

    We have for example Jack Leyden and Roger Stone’s close mate, maybe too close a mate, Garvin Reid. Garvin, comes second in the charts viz punishment received for corruption from the courts. Denis MacShane being the record holder to date. Asbo, merely comes third, with his trifling 130 days community service, but as some Radio 1 DJ’s say, he could be a slow burner and due for greater things.

    So please, our Kashmiri friends, do not feel persecuted…in terms of unpleasant, self seeking and corrupt politicians, the white community is still ahead.

    The problem we contributors face is that some of the Mirpuri written emails and correspondence received on Rik’s blog , albeit more subtly, tend towards self pity and playing the race card by suggesting there is a focus on Kashmiri politicians. This is not the case on my part and certainly I have seen no evidence of it in Rik.

    For example I will happily state that Roger Stone was a dreadful leader, following on from some other awful men, a number of whom were crooks. I will also admit that in terms of familial based paedophilia white blokes are probably the worst offenders.

    Our problem is that despite the build up of evidence that Kashmiri blokes are by a distance the worst for the street grooming and pimping form of child sexual abuse, the Mirpuri community are still in denial.

    The Mirpuri are getting a bashing because until they recognise the problem there will be more and more offenders still pimping children and maybe getting away with it. As they say in politics, the cover up is often worse than the crime.

    Wil Ewart


  3. Can I please correct people again! These acumen bags are NOT Pakistani, they are mirpuri. For those of you who don’t understand this point, it’s like calling a Scott, English or calling an Irish, Welsh!! It’s not castes, etc,etc. They are not Pakistani, they even speak in a different dialect. When things are all rosey and good, the vast amount of the Rotherham Asian community will refer to itself as Mirpuri, which is part of Kashmir. But when the negative spot light Is on, they are happy to be labelled as Pakistani. I’m a British born male, with true Pakistani heritage, and I can tell you this now, none of the convicted CSE offenders or the councillors are Pakistani. They are originate from their beloved Mirpur and give us real Pakistanis a bad name.


  4. Thanks to “Up the Millers” for the clarification but the problem remains. Namely, if the CSE culprits are reviled by true Pakistanis, why doesn’t the Pakistani community more openly condemn and ostracise the Mirpuris?


  5. Absolutely right “up the Millers.”

    Recently one of Mahroofs chums reported to the Police a presentation made to the Labour Party because it used the term Mirpuri, claiming its use to be racist in the context of CSE. Instead one presumes they would prefer the terms Asian, as it increases the size of forest within which perpetrators can hide.

    It also allows Mahroof and other Mirpuri politicians to deceive their own community into believing the problem is elsewhere. And maybe more important, allowing them to show their political associates back in Mirpur that they are keeping the community’s reputation clean on the international stage…there are some very complex relationships between British based Mirpuri and the Azad Kashmir movement back in Mirpur.

    I for one have never used the term Pakistani, believing it to be a deception in this context.


  6. I think your all missing the point here, undoubtedly there is a serious problem within the Pakistani(Muslim) communtiy, in regards to how they deal with sex. In particularly, their men perception about their women, and has it turns out women from other races. Even worse, their belief that it is somehow acceptable to have sex with a minor. And let’s despence with the trivialities of whether their Muslims, Asian, Pakistani, Or Mirpur, this a big problem in Asian and Muslim countries.

    The fact is a lot of people, from various walks of life, knew this was happening from 2000 onwards. If or even before. If it was a crime back then, why wasn’t it stop. Surely the Blair government was aware something was going on, hence why would they set up those researches, what action did they take as a result of the conclusions. Even worse, when this pattern started getting exposed by Northfolk and others, again why didn’t the authrorties act. Even today, they don’t want to find out the true extent of the problem, or they would’ve been conducting enquires like Professor Jay, in all of the effected areas. How convient to organise an overarching enquiry, which will bury or minimise this problem.

    The NCA, currently investigating, but won’t they have seen links with other sex grooming gangs in other areas, and are we believe, these links never existed before. If we think back, they’ve been investigating Pakistani’s since 7/7 , was children being raped, not an important crime to be stopped.

    The fact is. The “white folks” knew this was going on and didn’t give a damn. Now there using the pathetic excuse of pandering to the sensitivities of a race group, to allay blame. If the Pakistani’s are to be blame, then also the people, who allow this to happen, who also had the power to stop it. Unfortunately they were almost all white. You reap what you sow.


  7. Anonymous, in your last paragraph you say The white folks knew this was going on and didn’t give a damn. This is absolutely NOT true! The white folk as you call them were gagged and blindfolded by the ridiculous race laws we have in the country which allowed the minority groups to dictate and say what the hell they want with impunity and the white folk not allowed to speak out against them. I for one NEVER wanted a multi-cultural society in this country, I was NEVER asked, I was just told that this is what you will have and you WILL comply. I know of no one in my community, white British, who was ever asked and I certainly know of no one who wants to live in a multi-cultural society as it is today.
    Am I a racist? I don’t think so, I just love Britain and want it to be British. It can never be British if we allow these minority groups to rule us and inflict their unsavoury cultures on us as we do now and have done for the past 50 years! They are minority groups for goodness sake and should act accordingly and COMPLY with our way of life.
    They have always got the choice to leave if they wish and return to an Islamic State. Oh, I’m sorry, they are not happy in an Islamic State are they, so why do they insist on it being allowed here in Britain?


    • time and time again, I have heard a purity of excuses as to why this happen. First nobody knew, the Social workers and others, didn’t know what CSE was, even though children were being raped, the Police had to meet other targets. Now it’s the race laws. BS if someone is breaking the law, then they should be prosecuted and jailed. However in order to reach that stage, requires those with powers and others to do their job. They didn’t, wouldn’t and could’ve given a damn. You White folks were not abused by Pakistani, but by your own race, has they saw your children as worthless.


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