Labour, Biraderi, Corruption and Child Sexual Abuse: Joining the Dots

Once the Mirpuri/ Pakistani community in Britain started to politically organise its leaders found the UK highly fertile ground for the introduction of political practices imported from their homeland.

Specifically I am talking about the close links between organised crime, politics based in caste and clan and the protection of the misogynistic male dominance within their own community; inevitably this ended up protecting sexual criminals.

A culture where the clan (Biraderi) leaders effectively abuse religion and family ties to enrich themselves , abusing their own community by deliberately building up fear of kafir (non Muslim outsiders) to make them toe the community leadership line. The likes of EDL, BNP and UKIP are a gift to a Biraderi leadership who canscare their own by saying “that’s what awaits if you leave our nest”.

Another tactic of the leadership is to be seen with white figures of power, because poor and ill-educated people understand power in a way that the empowered middle classes don’t. They are sending out messages: look at me, I can look after you, I can do things, don’t challenge me, I am more important than you.

Here we must make an important point that the Biraderi system and the criminal leadership are equally damaging for those within their own community. The inherent misogyny and mafia like threats to exclude and punish those who broke the code of silence means many crimes going unreported, many young Pakistani girls raped and then disinherited.

For those who choose to look there has been a build of evidence for many years that much of the political leadership coming forward from of the Pakastani/Mirpur community is corrupt, especially in inner town and city wards. Inevitably this local organisation has polluted the whole body of the Labour Party.

There is no excuse for the Labour Party nationally and locally turning a blind eye to these corrupt practices. In a meeting with Bradford Muslim women Ed Miliband actually promised that the Party would no longer depend upon the Biraderi leadership as its source of reference for the Muslim community.

Perhaps what Ed didn’t confront, or understand is that here we are talking about criminality and the tolerance of criminality for self -interest. In Rotherham that interest was the 2000 votes, guaranteeing the re-election of Labour Councillors and MP.

The crimes, including sex crimes are nothing to do with Islam or mystical cultural differences. It is never a question of the Labour party “tolerating the difference”, it was about too many in the party wanting to garner the block votes that come through the Biraderi.

The same power of the Biraderi leadership that oppressed their own communities and protect organised crime was what has attracted the Labour Party; they could use their control to deliver the vote. The only price for many in the Labour is wilfully turning a blind eye, and justifying it as an equalities issue.


26 thoughts on “Labour, Biraderi, Corruption and Child Sexual Abuse: Joining the Dots

  1. Very helpful piece of writing!

    Is criminality a feature of the Miripuri region people of Kashmir? From what I can read they are simply a rural, poverty stricken people with limited educational facilities.


    • A few years ago the United Nations commissioned a Norwegian NGO to study child sex abuse, especially with regard to children who had arrived as part of the Afghani communities fleeing war in their own country.

      What they found was very high levels of abuse of Afghani children by Pakistani males. However elsewhere in Pakistan rates of abuse were on average pretty much on par with most other Countries.

      What they did find of relevance to us, was a remarkable level of reluctance among communities to report and acknowledge the crime (there was even a Senior Pakistani Policeman touring the USA lecturing on the subject.).

      The reason being their definition of family is much wider than ours as is their view of shame…hence the term biraderi, which are complex family and friend structures that can even cross sects or imams .

      For example if you are a young Mirpuri girl raped by a male relative you will immediately (the same goes for women suffering domestic abuse) be asked to keep quiet, and do nothing.

      If you go public there are several community issues. One, you will not be officially a virgin, making a future wedding more difficult to arrange. Secondly you will have brought the whole family, potentially whole clan/biraderi into shame…..a loss of face and pride.

      The defence of the male will be you egged him on…just as here among white men. While we have very poor rape conviction rates, things may be even worse among the Mirpuri community.

      This can be translated to our experience here. There are a few biraderi male leaders who abuse their positions and may well be criminals. There are then many who are shamed, afraid of the consequences and therefore keeping their mouths shut.

      A bit like Rotherham Labour Group really.



  2. hussain and akhtar on radio sheffield this morning claim we knew nothing of pakistani sex gangs yeah what ever tell us another one .


  3. Wil

    you need to look into the community/social enterprises /charities run by the Asian community for which the community does hardly benefit and which the local council are happy to throw money in return for votes and influence.

    Go onto to charities commission website and look up the accounts of following organisations and their tax payer funding:

    United Multicultural centre (UMC)
    – PARVEEN Qureshi paid £60000 from funding of £200000 to £500000 in some years. Has there been a job evaluation to justify £60000 salary?
    The Trustees and Directors are not independent but “yes” people to Mrs Qureshi who rubber stamp everything Mrs Qureshi dictates.
    Pumpoosh Ltd is a private company set up by Mrs Qureshi.
    Pumpoosh LTD provided services to United Multicultural Centre for more than £20000 in some years. It is not stated in the accounts what services were provided to UMC.
    How was tax payers funds diverted and allowed to be used for Mrs Qureshi’s private company?
    According to the UMC accounts a new car was bought for use of Mrs Qureshi in one year- this is tax payers money!

    Yorkshire Trust –
    -have received funding running into £100thousands of pounds over the years but local community has not received the benefit. The Directors and Trustees are all the same biraderi and some directors have not lived in Rotherham. In one year Yorkshire Trust received £500000, what did it do with the money?
    The Chief Executive of Yorkshire Trust pays himself £40000. Has there been a Job Evaluatation
    to justify this salary for a charitable organisation

    Do your own research on following charitable/social enterprises:


    Unity centre

    Tasbeey Group


  4. Jahaangir Akhtar, Azzizum Akhtar, Muhbeen Hussain on Look North, lying fools, every claim can, and will be demolished, they know everything!
    Akhtar knew exactly what was going on, after all he was being handsomely paid for the service, getting community members sprung from Rotherham Nick after being picked up for grooming! Understand Mahroof was deriving income in a similar manner.
    Inspector Aziz again! His name seems to keep appearing in this connection?


  5. Councillors Hussain, Shuakat Ali and the former drug lord of Eastwood known as “Sid” who was banged up for 22 years last year for importing ecstasy tablets, are related and of the same biraderi (clan).
    The drug lord “Sid” is nephew of Councillor Shaukat Ali whilst Mubeen’s father Sabir is Secretary of Eastwood mosque charity where only he controls the mosque’s funds and refuses to give due accounts. His activities are rubber stamped by other committee members who happen to his relatives and same biraderi (clan). In the community whispers are that he is using mosque funds to launder drug money by giving out cheques and receiving cash in return. An Independent Inspector Knacker will be able to get to the bottom of this as those financial transactions and bank accounts can be traced but no one in Eastwood community dare raise a complaint yet as Mr Sabir is good mates with local bobbies.


      • Shawyat Iqbal ‘s younger brother was the murdered butcher last year in October 2013 which made national news. In media the councillors stated they are related to the murdered man. For proof look up the articles in the Star and Advertiser for that period of time.


  6. Councillors Hussain, Shuakat Ali and the former drug lord of Eastwood known as “Sid” who was banged up for 22 years last year for importing ecstasy tablets, are related and of the same clan.
    The drug lord “Sid” is nephew of Councillor Shaukat Ali


  7. A researcher was sent on a diversity awareness course – and faced the sack – for raising the alarm about the appalling abuse of children in Rotherham and the fact most of the perpetrators were of Pakistani descent, it has been reported.
    The researcher, who was seconded to Rotherham Council from the Home Office in 2002, spoke to BBC Panorama anonymously and said she was told she must “never, ever” again mention the fact they most of the abusers were Asian men.
    She interviewed 270 under-age girls who had been victims of abuse, identified by sexual exploitation outreach service Risky Business, and passed the report to the council.
    She recalled the reaction of one official to it, saying: “She said you must never refer to that again. You must never refer to Asian men.
    “And her other response was to book me on a two-day ethnicity and diversity course to raise my awareness of ethnic issues.”

    You really could’nt make this up.


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