Joyce Thacker’s priority? Find the whistle blower!

In the week that the public of Rotherham found out just how incompetent its civic leaders were you would have thought that the Director in charge of Children Services in Rotherham Joyce Thacker would have been focused on ensuring our children remained safe and that scarce resources were being used appropriately.

Not for Joyce Thacker, the Advertiser reports that she will be asking South Yorkshire Police to start an investigation into who leaked the documents to the Times, a great pity she is not more interested in investigating the grooming gangs who abuse children.

This is the week that Rotherham parents found out that Stone, Wright, Lakin, Hoddinott and Kimber all knew that if you dropped your daughter off at Meadowhall to go shopping with her friends there were young boys who would befriend them and gradually over time groom them ready to be introduced and sexually abused by their uncle and his mates.

They also withheld vital information on what signs parents should look out for, they failed to warn parents about the dangers of Clifton Park.

The abuse in Rotherham was not a one off isolated incident, the leaked documents show that the crimes go back years, they also show that hundreds of children have been at risk and they decided to close ranks, stay silent and let children be abused, as recent as three months ago Hoddinott made the biggest mistake of her life by imposing a media blackout on the crimes.

Despite the numbers of children identified at being at risk the Police have only had one successful prosecution, you have to ask yourself why, incompetence by the police, the children are plebs?

The advice on how to spot grooming given by RMBC in the Advertiser falls well short of the information parents and communities need to combat this evil menace, RMBC will now draw up its defences, blame the Murdoch press and blame parents.

The Rotherham Taxi association and Taxi company owners have questions to answer, what are they doing to stamp out this crime?

It took a national paper to draw the crimes out into the open, for over ten years the Rotherham Advertiser remained silent, and they are as culpable just as Stone and his Council are.

The other victims in all of this are the innocent members of the Pakistani community who contribute to our town in so many positive ways.

You can hope that RMBC will change, that it will publish information for parents and it will take a more robust stance with these criminals, sadly given their track record until there is a change at the top and Stone, Kimber and Thacker goes it will be business as usual.


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76 thoughts on “Joyce Thacker’s priority? Find the whistle blower!

  1. I am concerned that the Rotherham SCandal looks like dropping off the map. Overtaken by the Rochdale affair and Megan Stammers, Rotherham will try and let this quietly die. Esther Rantzen has an article in which she goes on a length about Rochdale, but never mentions Rotherham, and never mentions Pakistani gangs either. It seems to be forgotten by the press. What do we have to do, chain ourselves to THT or something?


    • The poor press coverage is nothing to do with lack of awareness or forgetting. It is a deliberate position. The Star hasn’t exactly gone overboard with investigative coverage and neither have most of the local media. It certainly isn’t a judgement on news value so it can only be an editorial decision and I’ve no doubt that it is influenced by political bias and yet more by political correctness. There’s also, to be fair, the issue that they can only report the Times reports as they haven’t yet seen the leaked documents for themselves.
      I have been pleased to see Radio Sheffield getting stuck in, despite the BBC’s usual editorial leanings on politics and racial issues. The Rotherham Advertiser were in a difficult position given the political dominance of Labour in the town. They were wrong to hold back for so long but, in the absence of concrete evidence, they would not have been in a strong position. At least they devoted five pages to the topic this week, which is progress, and perhaps they’ll stick with it now.
      If we don’t want this to get swept under the carpet, we need to plan a campaign to keep it on the agenda. I don’t mind getting involved as part of a team effort. Perhaps those interested in some co-ordinated action could get together soon to discuss next steps? If anyone is interested, email me via old campaign email address:


  2. Cass I will not let it drop, I am sending the link to this site to as many media organisations I can find, do e-mail Esther Rantzen.

    I am hoping that the directive from Cllr Hoddinott gagging Councillors surfaces in the Times; it will only take one Labour Member to drop it into the post to Andrew Norfolk.

    We need to get Keith Vaz to summon Stone down to parliament, the Rochdale Leader has been told to present himself.

    Maybe Denis MacShane could arrange it.


  3. Have picked up a rumour, that Stone, Kimber et al are preparing to make Joyce Thacker, walk the plank! If true, this would be not nearly enough!

    Political accountability requires Stone to resign as a minimum!


    • From this parent in Rotherham and many others to lose her would be a Travesty and gross injustice! The Rotherham scandal is very much on the hearts and minds of Rotherham people, especially with the show of EDL in our town. As a parent of 6 children I take the unpopular stance of knowing where my children are , We live near Clifton park but none of them would be there without one of us. We have 2 grown daughters and 4 teenage sons, maybe we should be focussing on parenting and activities for young people rather than apportioning blame. We have 2 children with additional needs and know many many families who have been supported and empowered by Joyce Thacker to secure and improve services, we need more officers like Joyce in Rotherham who does all she can to make a difference. Its very easy to sit back and apportion blame but how about having some solutions, coming together to look at the mess ROTHERHAM people have made and reclaiming our town, remembering mindfully of course that this is not about brown faces, this is about keeping our young people safe. I personally abhor the behaviour that led to our young people being abused, as I’m sure do councillors and officers, if we ask them. So how do we move on and ENSURE the safety of our young people, by bringing everything to the table and working together to make sure it never happens again.


      • Mamafitz,

        You’ll be sure to get Da Dodger, Da Town Clerk and the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns “around the table” if you call it an Elected Members’ Meal, a Civic Junket or a Fact Finding Feast … they’ll turn up mob-handed and slaverring hungry in da civic Beemah … and scoff snap and ale for England … but they won’t, can’t, daren’t do owt else … unless it involves filling their bellies and lining their pockets.

        Time for a root-n-branch clear out of da elderly, out-of-touch, white, Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian, male-dominated, grey-haired duffers called Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • It would have helped if when the vile racially motivated abuse of white children occurred, and been reported, that it would have been investigated without any fear of the victims and the police being branded as racists. Instead, Thacker chose to put her politically correct ideology above the welfare of the children and by so doing, sided with the paedophile racist rapists


      • You are obviously a good mother and know how to protect your kids. Unfortunately, not all mothers are perfect but this is not the children’s fault and our society has to protect the vulnerable children. This is why we have social workers …protecting the children should be our first priority, and taking care of the aged second. These people have failed the most vulnerable in our society.


      • That’s absolutely ridiculous. Do you blame Doreen Lawrence for Stephen Lawrence’s stabbing? Should she have made sure he was at home with her or never went out alone? Should she have known better than to allow her son to go out late at night and catch a bus alone?

        You say you are not about apportioning blame but you are blaming the victims and their families.

        When Muslims engage in cultural practices such as attending Friday prayers, wearing a hijab or engaging in arranged marriages nobody suggests that if they do this publicly they are risking attack and only have themselves to blame if that happens.

        It is British cultural practice that young women should be safe to visit spaces like shopping centres, parks and bus stations alone without the fear that this will label them or their parents to blame if they are sexually attacked. It is British cultural practice to expect that if the worst does happen and girls are attacked during these activities (which happens relatively rarely in the rest of the country) parents can expect the assistance of the police, social services and all the rest of the public authorities such as schools, to identify and prosecute the person who has done that and protect their child from them.

        This is a reasonable expression of British cultural practices. To say that a British person engaging in behaviour which has been normal back to the time of my great-great-grandmother who was born in 1870 is discrimination.

        The idea that girls should be monitored at all times and kept within the sights of their parents is unreasonable, sexist and validates the abusers position that these girls were ‘asking for it’ because they engaged in innocent activities like going to the park, going shopping or talking to boys.


  4. I find the Advertiser calling the reporting in the national press “hysterical” and that they call them “allegations” pretty disconcerting to say the least, especially when they urge us all to stay calm. It is no surprise that it has taken a national story on the sex scandal in Rotherham to get Stone to reply, where was he whilst it was and still is happening. It time theses people had a new mantra other than the old rubbish that lessons have been learned. The scandal will not fade away if we the people bring our local and borough Councillors to account. In Dinnington we have two councillors who were and are involved with the safeguarding young people committee. Jacqueline Falvey was on the old committee when Wright was the cabinet member and Jane Haven hand is on the new committee. I will be questioning them on their role in this matter both at the next town council meeting and at their next surgery. We should make it clear there is no hiding place for any of theses people. By the way these two sisters great guardians of children that they are will be climbing Kilimanjaro next week for the children’s charity Safe at Last.

    Dave Smith


  5. I am sorry but as a mother of children with additional needs i believe Joyce Thacker did not do her job and that the people involved in this cover up should be sacked, crikey the thought of more people like that in office in Rotherham turns my blood cold. Rotherham councillors and police that sat back and covered up do not deserve their positions.


    • The person most responsible for the cover-up was Shaun Wright who is now a candidate for SY Police and Crime Commissioner! Use your vote wisely!
      We are all shamed by the revelations of paedophilia, rape and trafficking!


      • Ah, how prescient of you, Leon. Presumably that would be the same Shaun Wright who has just refused to accept any responsibility for the staggering number of sex abuse and assault events, many of which happened on his watch as chair of the council, and now more under his aegis as the (regrettably successfully elected) Police Commissioner. It takes a man with balls to be a successful PC. Wright has just proved that he’s more than somewhat lacking in that department.


  6. I have met Joyce Thacker on a few occasions, whilst she was head of Bradford youth service. At the moment there is an a yet to emerge story regarding grooming and child abuse in the Bradford/ Keighley area that is equal to if not bigger than the terrible events in Rotherham (see Anne Cryer MP, who has been vocal on this) Joyce Thacker oversaw the stopping of prosecutions, the stopping of the ‘groming and let the repeated rapes carry on…they still are going on. She had a reputation with staff as someone who would attack them in a brutal manner if they had the temerity to challenge her. I know that one of her lines was that if staff mentioned abuse by asian men, they would be dismissed for racism. As you can imagine, they were not happy bunnies, as some staff were working directy with victims.

    Mrs Thacker has a track record in colluding with and covering up abuse.
    She shoud face criminal prosecution for this collusion.

    She has little professional experience or training in child protection.

    In Bradford she left a ‘disrupted,’ youth service and a general atmosphere of fear regarding senior management

    I worked for a charity project, and viewed with horror, her actions (in-actions!) and was disturbed when she got the job in Rotherham.Mabye she got the job as she is skilled in cover up, blaming others and dodging the bullets.

    A word of warning; Joyce will be swift and nasty when challenged, blaming anyone and smearing them as much as she can. If she was profiled by a psychologist, the report would match that of a sociopath.


    • So, Thacker has destroyed children’s lives in Bradford and now she is doing the same in Rotherham. The only question is, where next will this imbecile be allowed to wreck the lives of society’s most vulnerable?


    • Child grooming in Bradford goes back much further than you think I had experience of it in the 80’s with a friend of one of my daughters. It was well established so had been going on some time then.


  7. She got the job because she’s thick with the Labour party. Knew about some of this but not all Thanks for the information she sounds a delightful character.


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  9. The lady in question seems to have been making a few headlines again today…..

    I give her until Wednesday before she ‘resigns’ with a handsome payoff funded by the taxpayer.

    And then she’ll quickly find a similar position in another Labour run council

    Odious woman.


    • “Lady”? hmmm?

      Female I’m sure, but not the former, only the latter, to be sure.

      She’ll quickly board the LA Gravy Train and resume her phone-no salary and index-linked pension and parachute into another LZ, unfortunately 😦


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  11. I’m not from Rotherham but have strong connections to Rochdale, where the MP has been very active in trying to get justice for the victims of the muslim paedophile gang, and to hold those local authority officers responsible, to account. Sounds like you need a similarly strong MP to get things moving.


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  14. “The other victims in all of this are the innocent members of the Pakistani community who contribute to our town in so many positive ways.”

    Which ways are those?


    • Oh now let me try and answer your curious question …

      Pakistani brothers and sisters contribute by –
      working in our NHS as doctors, nurses, ambulance,
      working in our police and fire services,
      our armed forces, the BBC and media,
      by being musicians and singers,
      by being accountants, lawyers, solicitors, elected councillors, government ministers,
      by being business men and women, religious leaders,
      by being upstanding family-orientated God-fearing religious people who freely give friendship and respect to anyone …

      I think that should do for openers, if I think of any more I’ll pop back and let ya know.

      Khuda Hafiz


    • Positive contributions by other Muslims are irrelevant to this case.

      The fact that one Muslim drives an ambulance does not give another Muslim the right to sexually abuse children without legal retribution.

      The only victims in these cases is the children who were abused. To attribute victimhood in this case to the Muslim community in general negates the suffering of these victims and ascribes victimhood to the perpetrators of these crimes.

      It’s this kind of logic that led to the crimes being suppressed in the first place. The attitude that to convict a Pakistani of a criminal offence is to attack the Pakistani community so criminals should not be prosecuted lest their crimes reflect badly on the community as a whole.

      The public image of the Pakistani community was prioritised over the rights of victims to justice.


  15. By being your taxi drivers, shop keepers and having takeaways for your curries 7 days a week! Don’t tar everyone with the same brush! As a Pakistani I condone these sick paedophiles and if it were up to me they should never be allowed to set foot in rotherham again!


  16. The people on Rotherham are only too well aware of the way the local council has been ‘pulling the wool over their eyes’ in the borough. It is a great pity that the postal votes had already been cast when the news broke about the foster parents having the three children removed from them.

    Weasel words from Joyce Thacker, who is paid the excessive amount of £130,000 a year, as Director of Childrens Services in Rotherham.

    Ed Miliband, rather than rejoicing in Labour’s victory, ought to be asking for an Inquiry into how Rotherham Borough Council operates.


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  25. “In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We better learn from the suicide attacks of America, England , Holland and France , if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians”.

    Vladimir Putin, Russian president, address to the Duma, February 4th, 2013
    (The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation).


  26. Thacker has shown herself to be supremely arrogant, uncaring, a political dodger and a first .class example of what a Head of Department should not be. Have we really got to wait another three weeks before this unloved specimen of humanity resigns?
    Thacker knew and knows what went on. When she appeared before the Select Committee Keith Vaz showed her a file that crossed her desk in 2006 and asked her if she remembered seeing it?
    As expected Thacker squirmed and did not answer so Vaz held up the file and asked the question three more times repeatedly. “I may have seen it, I can’t recall as I see so many files”.
    Is it any surprise the SC regarded her testimony as unsatisfactory? She did try to shift the blame for everything that went wrong on to Wright.
    This unspeakable woman is as honest and truthful as McShane.


  27. So glad you have brought up this again Colin. Thankyou.

    I remember her comments. And I and all KNOW she was diverting attention to cover her lies, involvement and bullying.

    I’m still searching for my comments many months ago I posted on here about her methods of intimidation. If only I could find it. Please Rik if you can re – post them.

    Message to Ms Thacker; the moles have risen; people are listening at last. And there’s nothing you can do about it. GO NOW and take your bullying little crew of cohorts within your department with you – and leave your – and their – pension and pay off behind.

    To paraphrase, “Ms Thacker – The revenge of the innocent is a dish best severed in public.” wriggle while you can – Mr Vaz has seen through you. We all have.



  28. Thacker is another Bradford retread who thought her involvement in screwing up Bradford’s youth service would remain unoticed. She is definitely not ‘part of the solution’ but a major part of the problem.
    Her terminological enexactitudes and arrogance before the HASC are unparalled. She is without doubt unprincipled,unreliable and a liability to Rotherham.
    She can and should resign. With immediate effect.


    • Another from Bradford? In the Haigh case, the lead social worker was one Maureen Siddle who, whilst employed as a local authority social worker, was simultaneously registered in her married name as director of her own social care company based in… Bradford.

      KidsForCashUK informed LJ Munby in 2013 that a serving Derby-based Family Court judge was simultaneously a director of a social care organisation providing commercial services to the very local authorities to whom he was awarding care orders.

      You couldn’t make it up…


  29. For the information for the people of Rotherham. Under the Criminal Law Act 1967, it is an offence not to report a crime. Here is the text”

    Penalties for concealing offences or giving false information.

    (1)Where a person has committed an arrestable offence, any other person who, knowing or believing that the offence or some other arrestable offence has been committed, and that he has information which might be of material assistance in securing the prosecution or conviction of an offender for it, accepts or agrees to accept for not disclosing that information any consideration other than the making good of loss or injury caused by the offence, or the making of reasonable compensation for that loss or injury, shall be liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for not more that two years.

    May I suggest that the people of Rotherham demand that all those who knew of the criminal offences against their children but did nothing are prosecuted and brought to court. If found guilty, they could receive up to two years in jail.


    • @Colin Ray.
      “May I suggest that the people of Rotherham demand that all those who knew of the criminal offences against their children but did nothing are prosecuted and brought to court. If found guilty, they could receive up to two years in jail”.

      Laudable sentiments however………..What do you think we’ve been banging on about for the last 12 months?
      Kimber,Stone,Thacker,Wright,Lakin,Akhtar,Dodson,Hussain certainly.
      In the frame; Collins,Burton,Havenhand and Dalton plus several others.
      Until all the ongoing inquiries are completed we will not know the full extent of these crimes and who is complicit in the cover up.


  30. I suggest a new game/sport to be called ‘Spot the Thacker’ ©
    If you spot this elusive creature who is believed to skulking somewhere within a 30 miles radius of Lakin Towers please report it immediately. If she is seen in the company of any person under the age of 15 she must be apprehended and escorted to Riverside House and kept in isolation.
    The fantastic prize for this StT competition is an all expenses (his) dinner for two with Shaun Wright who will also explain why he believes he ‘was stitched up’ by Thacker.
    It does’nt get any more exciting than this in Rotherham does it?


    • Given that she is a Rotherham Borough council employee, it might be better to look at FOI’s on the subject to RMBC – WhatDoTheyKnow has them.


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