Akhtar hedging his bets with Respect?

Had Rothpol’s attention drawn to this, could it just be that Jahangir Akhtar, is beginning to contemplate a future outside the Labour Party?


3 thoughts on “Akhtar hedging his bets with Respect?

  1. Jahngir Akhtar the one who did everything to stop Respect Party coming to Rotherham in 2012.
    And now his Arse licking the Great George Galloway.
    Rotherham Respect party will not have him on the party. Especially the baggage his got.
    Who knows UKIP might take him on?
    His two faced old asbo?
    I wonder how this will go down with the Labour party,
    His Sarah Champion Mp agent and will be standing as councill next year?
    This has made my day.


  2. Analysis of Alhtars motives are barking up the wrong tree ….but the real one is equally self serving and disingenuous . I’m doing a piece on his current strategy…will post soon



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