Majority of Rotherham child exploitation suspects are white, claims new report

Claim that Rotherham CSE abusers predominantly white is Plain wrong

Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) – A wider term that includes the above CSE, along with other forms of illegal sex with minors. For example Paedophilia – a psychological problem well defined at ; mainly found in family settings, and equally … Continue reading

Majority of Rotherham child exploitation suspects are white, claims new report

More than two-thirds of identified Rotherham child sexual exploitation offenders and suspects are white, a new report has said.

New analysis from Public Health Rotherham has looked at the ethnic backgrounds of suspected abusers in the past two years and found some 68 per cent of identified suspects are white.

Thanks to Dave Earp who has found it, thanks Rik:

Unfortunately the above only quotes the statistics from another report, which I still can’t find. Public Health Rotherham’s analysis is nowhere to find, can any reader help?

Spin over substance – the abuse of statistics

This week some information of a statistical nature, was given to the local press, Star and Advertiser, who swallowed the spin, hook line and sinker. Chris Burn of the Star, has admitted to me, he has not been able to … Continue reading

57 thoughts on “Majority of Rotherham child exploitation suspects are white, claims new report

  1. SYP took a statement from me last week, they only wanted to know about one white abuser. One of the policeman had a power nap while the other one wrote nothing of the Social workers or police attitude or inaction. And they definitely did not want to know about the Pakistani paedos or victims being arrested on trumped up charges. Still they see what they want to see or what suits their purpose.

    Some edits made to text, they were inflammatory and unacceptable use of the shortened form for Pakistani, Rik.


  2. Based on its past contributions in this matter, I find these pathefic attempts to rationale the problem, to be beyond belief. Public Health Rotherham, somehow despite all the evidence that was in front of it, that there was a major problem, somehow never collated this information before. Why has it only gone back two years, why not back till 1997. I like others would like to see the full report and explainations at how it came by these figures.

    The newspaper has created a sensational headlines to generate sales, probably hoping to make up for lost ground, after its lamentable performance in the past. The old saying don’t always believe what you read applies here.


    • Thanks for the link, this Stephen Ashley needs to find another job. No wonder they haven’t got a clue how to tackle this crime, with Idoits like him. If he’s spent 2 years collating this report, it’s been a waste of time.

      He rips off quotes from other reports, then goes into a self apologetic mode, looking for understanding into the authroties failures. He then blames the Internet as playing a significant more prominent role, than it has so far. Then insults the intelligence of the reader by presenting figures, deliberately design to minimise the problem . A trick used by the now discredited, former Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz.

      He’s lump two of years of figures, from all forms of abuse, including the Internet, which neither the Jay or Casey reports, indentify as playing a part in CSE . He’s then used ethnicity to down play the Pakistani role in the crimes. It’s funny, but when they use ethnic groups, they never brake down White’s into they different entitles . How many Scots, Welsh, Irish, English. Don’t we have any Germans or any other Northern Europenas living in Rotherham, wouldn’t they been classified as white. He’s then deliberately been obscure on the ethnic minorities. I understand the Roma’s marry young, couldn’t some of them have committed CSE , unbeknown to them, as they consider marrying girls young as part of their culture.

      If the White communtiy is the biggest group, it therefore stands to reason they would Committ more crimes, if you put all forms of abuse in the same grouping. Ie wouldn’t they Committ more Robberies, car crime etc.

      Still in denial and unfortunately, this running the show. There’s now hope here.


  3. As far as historical cse this report is some what irrelevant, it only covers the last two years. The figures used are skewed in an attempt to move away from the Pakistani heritage group. It is strange how the survivors all say they were groomed and taxied around by these people. It seems that Rotherham will go to any lengths to deny the connection, because the council and the police can deny that race played any part in their failure to act. This report is just another example of Rotherhams denial system coming into play, it has no basis in reality.
    Dave Smith


    • This report was for the period of Oct 2012 – Oct 2014, it therefore conviently excludes 1997 – Sept 2012. It also excludes the five that were convicted in 2010. The recent arrests of Akhtars friends and family. Another fact it conviently sidesteps, is that a preptrator, may Committ numerous crimes, again Ash Hussian 45, his brothers, lost count. Therefore it is believed that considerable more than 1400 Girls were raped. It excludes Laura Wilson murder, the catalyst for the exposure of CSE in Rotherham. What about her sister, how many times was she raped.

      I’m wondering, was this a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.


      • All this report shows is that Rotherham’s labour council remains in denial about CSE and the fact that almost all the perpetrators are from the local Kashmiri heritage community. Public Health Rotherham is not an independent or impartial body. It is based at riverside and run by the council. There will be no end to the lies, propaganda, and cover ups until the Labour Party are voted out of office next May.


  4. Check the agencies who make up Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board, the agency who commissioned this report, then work out how many of these should have known about CSE but didn’t and should have acted earlier, but didn’t.
    Now these same people are re-writing the script. To quote Mandy Rice-Davies,…. They would, wouldn’t they.


  5. “The number of offenders, including suspects, were mainly White (68%); 24%
    were Asian; 5% were from other BME communities; and 3% of offenders were
    Does Steve understand these statistics? They show an under representation of ‘white’ folk, and a significant over representation of those classified as ‘Asian’, unless my understanding of the Rotherham ethnic breakdown is wrong?


  6. 3.1
    Health Rotherham have recently undertaken a needs analysis of child
    sexual exploitation victims, covering a two year period 2012
    The full document is contained
    at appendix A.

    Where is appendix A? We should be told.


  7. It is my understanding that Both the Jay and Casey reports, describes the criminals as of Pakistani Heritage, and furthermore it didn’t find that men from other “Asian” communities had raped any white children. Of the rest of the ethnic population, it is more likely that men from North Africa, from Muslim cultures are likely to have raped children, than those of Carribean decent. Was this Ashley, still playing the not to offend ethnic sensitivitives game, which got them into this mess in the first place. **FACTS**. Almost all of the Rapeist were from Pakistani community and were Muslim.


    • Or more correctly in the case of Rotherham, not Pakistani but Kashmiri, or even Mirpuri, would be the correct terminology to use. Whatever the terminology used, they are over represented by a factor of four! That should have been the headline, not the rather deceptive one, used by the Star.


  8. I love how the whites are happy now to ignore the crimes of their compatriots. CSE is disgusting, abdominal, and awful but when whites are doing it then all people are going on about is how the figures must be wrong or manipulated.

    At the point of writing this out of twenty replies not one commentator has criticized the white paedophiles who have committed these crimes.

    And yet you guys love to jump on your high horse and blame mosques, ordinary Muslims, and everybody in between when Pakistani criminals are involved.


    • The figures have not been manipulated, it is their interpretation, that is faulty.
      “blame mosques, ordinary Muslims, and everybody in between when Pakistani criminals are involved.”
      I would love you to stand up that accusation? It is simply not correct, check for yourself.


      • OK admin, I looked at just one article:

        I came up with all the following comments:

        range of representatives from the Rotherham Muslim community going around saying they didn’t know the “extent” of Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham

        And that there isn’t a cover up issue within the Muslim community.

        ethnicity is the key to these crimes

        Their ethnicity allows them to marry a child as young as 2 years old, have sex with them from the age of 9 and the female child is owned by them if they marry them

        it is a Pakistani cultural/racial problem

        The Pakistani culture is diametrically apposed to our British culture, standards and beliefs

        So, yes, I stand by my comments.

        By the way this was a great opportunity for you to condemn the CSE in the white community but it seems as if you’re happy to “cover it up” and “brush it under the carpet”.

        Perhaps the victims are less important when white people are doing the abusing?

        A website discussing issues in Rotherham should be prepared to talk about all the issues, even where they may be close to home. Let’s have articles about abuse in the family, abuse in white working class communities, abuse in old mining villages.


      • I’m still waiting for a response. I have justified my comment. But rothpol can’t explain why this blog is full of racist posts. I wonder why…


    • “The whites” haven’t been blaming Pakistanis as a group. Thr General community has shown a commendably restrained and thoughtful reaction to these disgusting crimes, but recognizing this may not suit your simplistic world view. Rather than criticism “the whites”, why don’t you address the real issues?

      PS Abdominal?


    • These crimes by whatever groups or races are disgusting, however if a population of only less than 3%, could rape some 1400 children, and we believe it is higher, at what point do you start to address that there is a problem, which needs Tackerling. The image of the hard working, morally upstanding , religious and good member of the whole of the communtiy, doesn’t stand up any more. People have seen and are hofforieifd of what the Pakistani’s are really like.


      • You can see here quite clearly the racist stereotypes that are allowed to proliferate on these pages.

        “People have seen and are hofforieifd of what the Pakistani’s are really like.”

        Imagine if that was said about the Jews. Or about gay people. Or any other minority.

        Just another day in the life of Rotherham Politics


      • Just my mentioning the “race card” you feel like you have a get out clause for being able to say anything you like. Well I’m sorry but a spade is still a spade. And criticising an entire community based upon the actions of a few is the definition of prejudice. Never mind, I’ll leave you to your bubble where you’re saving the world because you are one of the few people who has realised that Pakistani = bad.


        • Not to accept the over representation of those classified as Asian is the problem, your logic is faulty.
          A minority, within the Kashmiri community, is exploiting the situation for their own ends, but at the same time this is widely known to be the case, within our Kashmiri community. They are so dominated by these so called, self appointed, ‘community leaders’ that telling the police is out of the question for them. Where do you suppose I get some of this information from? Yes, from those too afraid to act in any other way.


      • I still fail to see why you cannot understand the simplest of points ie that blaming a community for the actions of a few is prejudiced.

        White Christian priest have been shagging young boys for centuries but I don’t go about doing the following:

        1. Blaming all Christians.
        2. Claiming that it is widely known in the Christian community that this is happening.
        3. Making comments about how all Christians are paedophiles, how it is part of their religion, and how it will never change (see above)


    • The comments on this thread relate to the article. However if you look at what happened in Maltby last week the white community tried to lynch that white nonce. They didn’t protect him and have a whip round for his legal team. That’s the difference here, it’s not about colour but what is right and wrong. So stop trying to mkae out people who comment or racists.


  9. No they haven’t, I made a post in response to Tommo and also a very long post in response to your point querying my assertions. Have they conveniently disappeared like the Risky Business files?


    • ever ask yourself, why those files went missing, how many children had been raped by then and how many criminals it had identified .. Imagine if the authorities had actually did there job, your lot would’ve been stopped. Who would have abused then??


  10. I must admit you have the right tag your logic is faulty, the reason the figures are being questioned is because the excuse used by the council and the police for their inaction was because they wanted to keep racial harmony. If you took the time to follow the history of cse in Rotherham and had asked the questions I did directly to the not fit for purpose councillors and heard their excuses you would understand that race was not used by us but it was used by the police and council. It is also clear from what the survivors say that they were ferried around in taxis, ask yourself were do the majority of taxi owners and drivers come from. With your faulty logic you will be telling us next that the holocaust never happened. I am not nor have I ever been a racist but I am a realist, and wether you like it or not the majority of perpetrators were Pakistani heritage. This is not to say that whites as you call them are not also involved in peadophilea, but unless we address the attitude shown by Pakistani heritage males to not only our young girls but to their own then we will be failing in our duty.
    Dave Smith


  11. The comment wat dave smith put out at around 6.00 on the 7 August and I put one out 2.01 In afternoon mines stil in moderation wat does that tel u rik u a joke people are getting close to finding u around Swinton for a good chat my friend


  12. My oh my where do I start with the denial in this thread? The statistics I presume have a basis and a source. What is so hard to accept? Professor Jay’s research covered 1997 – 2013 and even she said that even though the victims described their abusers as ‘Asian’ most sexual abusers of children in this country are white. Why are the figures published by the Star, covering 2014 being received with such denial? Surely we all want criminals of such heinous crimes sent to Jail irrespective of race, colour or creed? And Rik how can you challenge the notion that comments on here are racist when grossly offensive terminology such as ‘Paki’ is used?


    • The problem is we have reports that provide statistics, but we can’t find the original research being quoted.
      This is vital to their correct interpretation and will be addressed fully, once we have them. Until then all is merely speculation and should be refrained from.
      Not aware the racially charged term has been used, perhaps you could indicate where?


    • Your assertion that most of abuse carried out againist children , are by whites can’t be true, the cases in Rottherham and other areas, stated that children were often abuse by multiple assailants. The girl in that book, says she was assaulted by at least 60. Apart from Seville and a few others, most of the abused carried out by whites, would be againist a few victims. And also remember, we don’t know the full extent of the abuse in Rotheham alone, never mind other areas, because the aurthories are only just started investigating these crimes. So here a statistic, which might be closer to home. 1400 * 60 how many scrum bags is that ?


  13. The government has published the statistics on this. Do your research. I can’t begin to comment on your simple arithmetic. As for our town the NCA has already said they are pursuing over 300 potential suspects over the sixteen year period. And yes, anyone guilty of these crimes are scum in my view too!


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