The Silence of the Lambs continues, UNISON, Unite all in it together!

Looking at an any number of blogs, Twitter accounts or even Facebook pages you will readily see the growing Trade Union strength of feeling towards the EDL march in Rotherham.

You will read that Unison, Unite and other Labour leaning organisations are mobilising to take a stand against the right wing thugs of the EDL.

This new found zeal for community based action is far removed from their efforts to protect children in Rotherham, following Operation Central did the Trade Union convene a mass meeting in the Unity Centre, no, and they remained silent.

Compounding the perception that the Trade Unions do not care is that one of their own senior officers, Cllr Emma Hoddinott a UNISON official, made it her priority to block any comment from Labour Councillors about grooming and abuse.

What has been conspicuous by its absence is any comment or response from the Trade Unions on what they are going to contribute to the fight against the sexual abuse of children here in Rotherham.

Certain Trade Unions are even donating their member’s subs to the PCC campaign of Cllr Shaun Wright, an individual who completely failed the most vulnerable in our society.

To end it looks as if the Trade Union does have differening standards of concern and will act dependent on where you fit in the social and civic hierarchy.

Children being groomed and abused in Rotherham, nothing.

EDL march, mass meeting, PR machine in overdrive and Union opposition.
Call your selves Trade Unionist, don`t make me laugh, hang your heads in shame Brothers and Sisters.

All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.



7 thoughts on “The Silence of the Lambs continues, UNISON, Unite all in it together!

  1. Well said, my three headed friend. I and many others are becoming sick of the double standards in Rotherham. Trades Unionists they most certainly aren’t, some of the ones I knew in my youth must be spinning in their graves at what passes for it now.


  2. Guarding the gates of hell, seems somehow most appropriate given the nightmare some of our most vulnerable children have been through.

    Being ignored and disbelieved, after sustaining the abuse, must have been the true nightmare!

    There are many who share culpability in their public silence and inaction, none more so than Shaun Wright, who ran the very department responsible into the ground, which resulted in Rotherham MBC’s Children’s Services, being put into special measures.

    Quite a record to be proud of!

    Why are UNISON and Unite supporting Shaun Wright? Someone might like to tell us?


    • Well I am told that Shaun Da Sheep can never ever claim that the C&YP departments under his portfolio control lacked for ££, cos I believe he overshot his budget to the tune of £4 Million … oh deary me …

      so it ain’t lack of ackers that contributed here …

      praps it’s more to do with that inane grin and t’leets are on but nobdiz at ooum …

      Don’t bode well for us when we have him as Kriminal Kommissar auf dem Polizei …


  3. Cmon plz don’t generalise and make sweeping, unjust comments

    As a trade unionist course we care about our young people whether its tuition fees, employment, scourgr of unemploymeny/low pay/lack of workers rights, closure of youth clubs or the evil of this odious crimes of rape /Grooming and paedaphilia + cover up.

    It was no doubt msde worse by lack of social workers at times andknee jerk resctions or inaction.

    There must be sn open inquiry by independent body. Into police, council etc

    Who knew what, when

    Ensuring those who carried out are tracked down and face justice.

    Yes I will be on the march against the EDL rabble.
    Like cable street and Pastor Neimoellar we csn not allow these parasites the free reign to spout their divisive venom.


  4. It’s amazing how these people have the front to act morally superior when they have the betrayal of all those kids on their conscience – or should have anyway.


    • Lets just unite to rid our town of C.R.a.P
      Criminals Rapists and Paedophiles
      And the idiots who are using this issue as a political crowbar
      Think about the victims
      Lets for once be one town one community
      When Saturday comes


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