Anston PC – Police called after more trouble!

Last night there was a special meeting of Anston parish council, an electors meeting.  As usual, there were many fine examples of bad behaviour. This was tolerated by the Chairman, Dominic Beck.

The real fireworks erupted once the meeting was closed however, when a clearly agitated Mr Brindley,  made a bee line from across the room and squared up to parish councillor Thornton.

Mr Brindley waved a rolled up newspaper at Mr Thornton’s face and was reported to have been visibly shaking with anger when Mr Brindley repeatedly stated “you need sorting!” This was accompanied by attempted physical intimidation, Mr Brindley was by now very agitated indeed and actually struck Mr Thornton three times across his cheek!

When attempting to strike for a fourth time, Mr Thornton pushed Mr Brindley back, with his open right hand to prevent further physical assault upon his person, this was then followed by an accusation that Mr Thornton had assaulted him and the police were called!

The rest of this sorry tale will be told once the police have completed their investigations.

You simply couldn’t make it up!

See also LoveDinnington’s live tweet session – @LoveDinnington

22 thoughts on “Anston PC – Police called after more trouble!

  1. Why is love dinnington so concerned about anston, does the Mr Thornton fan club stretch as far as dinnington, of course it does that’s why at the last meeting where only anston residents could speak and vote he wasn’t backed on any of the issues he put forward.


    • We are actually a campaign for people who love Dinnington, Anston and Laughton Common, the name has to be fairly snappy though so sorry if it confused you.

      I don’t think any of our number are Stuart’s fan club, we try and report things as we see them and remain neutral in politics.

      Feel free to wind your neck back in.


  2. Dear hil billy,
    If you read the title correctly,it also mentions Anston and other areas. Re your comments about Anston Resedents, it was quite evident from those persons who attended, that the Labour Party had been round the village and “whipped in” all their supporters. They were at least 10 plus people I have never seen before at any meetings I have attended in the village. The Labour “crew” became evident when the proposal was put for the Parish Council to consult with the Public on the purchase of land, (according to a labour supporter, up Rackford road) The same people voted everytime with the Labour Parish Cllrs present. Talking of Cllrs, Cllr Dalton, who lives in Dinnington, and therefore is not allowed to speak or vote, was clearly seen and heared, to be giving instructions to the Parish Council “contractors”, who were heckling me. Last year it was Cllr St John from Dinnington who interupted “our Village Meeting” this year it was Cllr Dalton trying to influence the heckling of those who are actually trying to do something for our Community. The Public in Anston are waking up to the fact that the Labour Party Members from outside Anston are interfering in our Village. Ask yourself this, who was it who “overwhelmingly” voted to increase your Parish Council Tax.
    It was a great joy to see so many people from Anston turn out to the “Village Meeting” When I started this last year, only about 20 or so attended, this year the number doubled, next year I hope more will attend, the more that attend the better balanced view we will recieve. Everyone is welcome, regardless of Politics or no politics. It just a pity that the Labour Parish Councillors feel the need to bus people in to push “outsiders” policy on our community
    I have identified myself, would you like to say who you really are.. .


  3. It would seem to me that Hil Billy is quite an apt tag for this person. I was sat at the side of Dalton and heard her quite distinctly feeding the two hecklers with information on what to say to cause the most disruption, as a Anston Parish councillor and a Borough councillor she should be ashamed of her actions. It was obvious from the beginning that the Labour party had made a deliberate effort to pack the meeting, and to set up councillor Thornton. It was made even more obvious when Beck the Shouter, the so called chairman refused to deal with the disruptive people and concentrated on berating councillor Thornton. It is obvious also what the Parish council think about the public when those of us who attend council meetings in order to scrutinise how the council is conducting our business are attacked as anoraks and sad people who have nothing better to do. These verbal attacks are made by labour party parish councillors, who much prefer to do things behind closed doors, ie purchasing land. It is also interesting to note that Anston parish council is becoming an embarrassment to the local Labour party. I am no member of any fan club, unlike I suspect Hil Billy is, what happens at Anston or Dinnington affects us all in our area. It would appear that tribalism for our Billy is the order of the day, as far as I am concerned I live in the Rotherham area and I am entitled to travel freely and attend any meeting I choose to. Love Dinnington is a site for the whole area and beyond perhaps our Billy you should visit it sometime. I would defend anyone’s right to be treated with respect in a democratic society this does not make me a member of councillor Thorntons “fan club”.

    Dave Smith
    and yes I do come from Dinnington


  4. Even more puzzling is why Cllr. Dalton was at the meeting-apart from making bullets for others to fire. She is a not an Anston resident and IMV should not have been at the meeting.
    The best moment for me was when I got Chairman Beck to say on the record that RMBC can overule the democratic views of Anston residents concerning building on greenbelt land.
    So know we know what a sham Anston PC is.


    • Not having a go at Colin here but can’t get all get over this “outsiders” rubbish? Dinno and Anston are joined at the hip and although they have their own character no reasonable person would deny that what happens in one affects the other.

      People from each village should be welcomes and allowed to speak at both councils in my view.


      • @lovedinnington.
        I agree with your comment in general that Dinnington and Anston are ‘joined at the hip’ but the meeting on Monday evening was for the residents of Anston.
        Cllr.Dalton does not live in Anston and judging by her recent comments at Anston PC meetings she does not do her homework concerning the LDP and her contributions at the meetings are mostly vague generalities.
        I have suggested before that i-love-dinnington and save-our-greenbelt should act in concert and try to gather as much support as possible.
        If I post erroneous information I’m very willing to correct it, in the same way I’m also willing to defend my corner and not take offence at other members posts (Libel laws permitting).


  5. During the meeting Joyce Brindley (one of our illustrious councillors!) was denegrating Stuart Thornton’s 25 year service in her Majesty’s Armed Forces. Why does she have to continually spit out poison and what did the ineffective Dominic Beck do? The usual – zilch.
    Have you seen the news today Joyce Brindley, 3 more of our brave boys killed. In the words of another attendee “What has your husband ever done for England?”

    I saw Bill Brindley threatening Stuart Thornton with – he was going to sort him out and “I will blacken your name across Rotherham.” He was very close up and agressive, shaking and puce in the face.

    If he is not up to winning a verbal argument with Stuart Thornton he should accept defeat and not seek to cause a physical argument.

    What a disgraceful display from both Brindleys.


  6. how do you put up with all the opposition from the Labour councillors, Stuart, who will not be opposed in any shape or form? Why is the Standards Board not acting, is this anything to do with the Chairman, Dominic. Beck also sitting on the Standards Board, a conflict of interests or what? Anston PC has too many Labour councillors who think they own the world, join the real world and grow up.


  7. It was me who said to Joyce Brindley If it wasn’t for people like Stuart Thornton you might not be sitting where you are and I said What has your husband done for England. My son was in the army and like Stuart Thornton was sent to dangerous places. How dare Joyce Brindley sit there curling her lip, smirking and belittling a man who has served his country. She is an absolute disgrace. Wasn’t it her who struck Stuart Thornton in council meetings. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS PARISH COUNCIL AND SOON.


  8. Dear Hill Billy,
    I have looked at my notes for the Meeting you refer to and have deduced that your post is in effect not factualy correct. The first proposal I put forward was to stop people from outside the Parish interfering in OUR meeting. This proposal was “overwhelmingly” voted for by those present, including yourself. Own Goal I think, Silly Billy.


  9. what a shame anston folk have minds of ther owen voters dragged in wake up green belt will be built on new school will go up and some one will sit in thorntons chair it must be hard at the moment for agony ant haigh


  10. There are two sides to every story. I am not allowed to make any further comments about this incedent. I attended this meeting as a member of the public and not as a Parish Councillor, which is well known by those who are posting the comments. I can state that I have made a formal complaint against Mr Brindley and Mr Brindley has made a complaint against myself. This incedent is now under investigation by the Police. When its finished I intend to publish all details if permitted to do so, to expose what really happend.
    Notice that people will still not state thier real names,and have now started to verbaly attack my friends, sad people.


  11. Many moons ago,in another life I used to attend Dinnington Village(as it was then) council meetings. Not once did I ever witness verbal or physical abuse between councillors or members of the public, as a matter of fact disturbances at paish council meetings was unheard of and It saddens me that in the 21st century certain disruptive individuals (you know who you are) think they have the monopoly on truth and wisdom. I have bad news for you, you don’t.
    Healthy debate is both good and necessary in a democracy but abuse of any kind is the lowest form of behaviour and reflects very badly on those who are guilty of it.
    Councillors are elected to SERVE their parish, not act as spokespersons for their respective political parties and denigrate others who disagree with them.
    It will be payback time for the voters of Anston next year and it is too late for you to make amends now.


  12. news paper dont think so a 4 paper yes now going to now going to rmbc standards think so as well lost is head no council member can come back from this mr thornton you whant the public to vote for you wake up and give up your seat


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