Lesson of the week?

The new reality, seems not yet to have percolated into the minds of Rotherham’s Private Hire Taxi Trade, or their Drivers, it would appear?

A few facts to start us off:

The Alexis Jay Report unequivocally placed the Taxi Trade at the centre of the ‘Rotherham Model’ of Grooming and Child Sexual Exploitation.

Child Sexual Exploitation is too small a description of what has been happening, on our streets involving the Taxi Trade and Drivers.

Paedophile Grooming, Child Rape, Child Prostitution and the Trafficking of Children, for Prostitution, sometimes quite a distance from Rotherham. The grooming side of this set of crimes, is only the first part of this, the recruitment arm indeed, for a Child Prostitution Racket!

Logic dictates, those involved in this outrageous set of crimes, must be still among those currently providing our taxi services!

It is obvious too, from this weeks performance, firstly outside the Town Hall and later at Riverside House, that there is a small but very vociferous minority, of Pakistani/Kashmiri men that seem to turn up to protest against anything, Mahroof Hussain, Jahangir Akhtar and Shaukat Ali find objectionable? Where were Mahroof and Shaukat? Missing as usual after stirring things up?

The employment of strategies, more reminiscent of Pakistan/Kashmir than the UK in the 21st century, are totally unacceptable in a democracy and are an affront certainly, to all decent minded, Rotherham folk!

These bully boy, harassment attempts must no longer sway democratic decision making, as it certainly seems to have done in the past!

This is also the basis of Rotherham’s ‘Culture of Impunity’, where certain people can do no wrong. Sajid Bostan, a leader of Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association for example, made it perfectly clear in a phone call to me, that they were ‘above the law’ and the Police were powerless to do anything about it as, Mahroof, Jahangir and Shaukat had “fixed” the police!

So, unless the Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association exists, simply to protect criminality, it is time for them to give us a Christmas present, in the form of information to the authorities, that will lead to the prosecution and disqualification from the taxi trade of the guilty among their number?

Time Sajid, as a leader of  Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association, for you to stand up and do your civic and legal duty and start the process of cleaning up the taxi trade in Rotherham?


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4 thoughts on “Lesson of the week?

  1. The events described could hardly, have been more timely?
    What with the National Crime Agency Investigation getting underway and with Louise Casey and her team of Inspectors in Town!
    The taxi drivers put on a show of strength, little realising this would be such a well publicised event and give away their main modus operandi, at the same time! A brilliant piece of strategy, not!
    Whatever stands for leadership of this rabble, have led the taxi industry and the drivers, ‘up the garden path’, with this one?


    • Fair Point, but i think your handle is rather insenative considering recent events and the topics you comment on. something more appropriate maybe


      • Deep Throat is a pseudonym I have been using for quite some time, it is a reference to ‘Watergate’, not the subject under discussion, but I take your point. I still think the points I made are valid.


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