Acorn Antiques – American Independence Day Edition


4th July – American Independence Day,
Here come the Drum Majorettes,  It’s Independence Day    – Razzmatazz – Listen to the band – Fireworks – Ticker Tape – Oh it’s all here – Come and see!


The Village Green
Good News, Good News – Cllrs Dalton & Beck confirmed Cllr Burton will pay for a steel guard to protect the new oak tree which is to replace the damaged sapling  planted for the WI Diamond Jubilee.
Unfortunately Cllr Burton was unable to attend the meeting.  Thank you Cllr Dalton & Beck for speaking on behalf of Cllr Burton.

Twirl the batons, launch them as high as you can and very well caught.

Save our Green Belt
Grant awarded for 2 hours free use of the Parish Hall. Passed with very little objection.
It appears all councillors, including RMBC councillors, were in agreement.
Q    Is it now a change of policy?
A     It would seem so
Q   Are some of the councillors now backtracking by backing the objection to building on our green belt.
A   Me thinks they are now building up green credentials – Maybe they will apply these to the much ravaged Village Green – Watch this space.

The marching  band is perfectly in tune – trombones raised Razzmatazz!! 

Old Library
Cllr Dalton  doesn’t seem to care that this defunct building is costing us, the ratepayers, c£5,000 per annum.  Well why should she – she lives in Dinno Land or is that La La Land.
She is inviting people in to try to form a youth group in this building –

Q   Hang on a bit – didn’t she vote for RMBC budget cuts – including Youth Services.
A   Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

Q   Why this determined struggle to keep this drain on our taxes –
A   Doesn’t cost her – she lives in Dinno Land whoops La La Land
Q   Who will pay to support any group that uses the Old Library.
A   Oh it will be Anston Tax Payers AGAIN
Q   Another U turn –
A   You bet – Conservative Policy  – The Big Society – When the cuts bite charities are asked to step in. Nice to see our Labour Councillor taking on Tory policies.

Have we got another defector in our midst? –looks like  Red to Blue this time!

The drum majorette drops the baton – stoops to pick it up and falls flat on her face.

Community Plan
Commmmmmmmmmmmmuniti   Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan,  sooooooooooooooo  sloooooooooooow
Q   How long is the update of this plan going to take?
A   It is 6 months since they put the survey out
Q   Why is Iain St.John so keen to write this plan
A   What Iain St.John actually doing physical work for the council
Q   How long will it take him
A   Iain St. John says Don’t knooooooooooooo BUT Aggressively  jabbing his finger at the clerk saying “And don’t you think you are going to rush me”
Q   What is the deadline
A   September – a whole 2 months away – watch this space folks

Drum Majorette trying to regain her baton, trips up drummer as he bangs on – Oh dear!

Skate Park – Grant Request
Q   Was Cllr St.John moaning again about Tuesday night meetings for this group ‘cos it clashes with
his operatic rehearsals.
A   Yes – He was told the last time he made a song and dance about this – make the choice – The children’s Skate Park or the Dinnington Operatic Society –
Q   What did he choose
A   NO CONTEST – his social life takes priority
Q   Why does Iain St.John expect the meetings for this group to revolve around his social life
A   Don’t know but he seems well versed in making a song and dance and not only at Dinno Opratiks
Q  Hey wait a mo – What about disco INFERNO – Is he doing a John Travolta
A   Well you never know – perhaps he was practicing when jabbing his finger at the clerk.

Drummers trip up trombonists whilst onlookers dance to disco INFERNO

Press Media Article by Chairman Beck  Wriggle   Wriggle   Squirm   Squirm
The Chairman – Cllr Beck under severe pressure for breaking rules.

Q   Why what did he do – please tell
A    Well he gave a self promoting article to the Guardian & Advertiser Newspapers.
When challenged he tried to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes –
Q   How come
A   Well he was challenged on Standing Order 108 which says Councillors cannot contact newspapers
Q   Oh what did he do then
A   Oh he squirmed, quite slickly and said NO he had used Standing Order 107, which gives the Chairman authority to reply to requests from the press
Q  Are we to believe he was contacted on 2 separate occasions for the exact same story
A   Me thinks he will need to knit a bigger jumper for him to pull the wool over our eyes.

Open top Cadillac swerves to avoid trombonists, onlookers cheer as Freshman is tipped out and trips over his knitting

Free use of The Parish Hall for RMBC Surgeries
Q   Did new RMBC Councillor Clive Jepson, INDEPENDENT ask for clarification regarding free use of the Parish Hall  by RMBC councillors for their surgeries.
A   YES – The Labour Councillors have abused the hospitality of Anston taxpayers by voting for themselves to have free use of the parish hall for far too long
Q  So what happened – Did all councillors vote for costs to be paid for use of the parish hall by RMBC councillors
A   Don’t be daft – Cllrs St.John & Beck abstained!

A massive U turn and about time too.  Well Done councillors –  It would appear integrity is creeping in – Hooray  – Loud cheers and applause from the crowd

Razzmatazz   loud music,  light the fireworks ,  ticker tape floating down – We, like Things,  Are looking up

Emergency Plan
Q   Has the Parish Council  been asked to update the Emergency Plan
A   Oh I will tell
Q   Did a councillor with experience in this field say this plan has no instructions for the Chair, Vice Chair or anyone else.  It is an RMBC plan which makes the Parish Council subordinate to Ward Members.
A   Yes and was totally ignored by those who have never experienced extreme situations
Q  What was Councillor Dalton’s response
A  To produce a piece of paper from RMBC – not shown to councillors but given to the clerk to make an emergency plan up.

No Plan – No Idea – No Experience – No Hope – Bob Hope and  Envelope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh dear Rain falling on the parade, ground getting slippy, fireworks now damp squibs, tickertape damp and soggy,  all in a foggy! – What a wash out.
Bring on the Emergency Plan –  Whoooooooooooops –  What Plan?

Ah well!
To  Independent people everywhere
Go to bed – don’t have a care
Until tomorrow when you wake
You find your house sits in a lake

Call the Parish
Don’t be daft
Go and build yourself a raft

Goodnight all
Mrs Overall

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