Wil Ewart – says thank you!

Thank you to Keith Vaz, the Home Affairs Committee, Ann Cryer, Andrew Norfolk and the many others who are doing their best to expose and reduce the sexual abuse of children through grooming in Rotherham and other British towns.

And then of course there is the Rotherham political roll call of shame. Roger Stone, Shaun Wright and Paul Lakin all of whom were in positions of power, who should have been able to help the young victims. Were they so totally out of touch, and if so why do we pay them? Then there are the fools, courtesans and self deceivers.

The Rotherham Council Labour Group members who refused to scrutinise and hold their leaders to account, the ones who voted against a proposal to call for a national enquiry and the men who in private called the victims ‘slappers’ and denigrated those who proposed the motion.

Of course there is Akhtar and his infamously propounding the ‘myths’ surrounding grooming and child sex abuse. His unconvincing repetitions of what the Council has done right since, denials that it could happen again and slandering those who question him as Islamaphobic.

Now is time for the Labour Party to come and clean out its Rotherham stables once and for all. After all, who allowed Shaun Wright to be their candidate for Police Commissioner? They managed stop Mahroof becoming the PPC, because while totally innocent he was simply the wrong colour. Whereas Shaun the Sheep, the man in charge gets the nomination for a top job.

Elements of this scandal may go national if Labour fail to act. Labour’s tacit flattering of Pakistani biraderi networks to garner votes starts to appear more shady in the context of its failures to tackle grooming.

Wil Ewart

22 thoughts on “Wil Ewart – says thank you!

  1. We need to know why community cohesion was the priority over the safety of children, who pressed the PC agenda and who allowed children to be abused while the PC brigade ran RMBC?


  2. Our local MP’s are far to busy preparing spin stories in time for next year’s elections, trying to be seen as ‘inclusive’ and embracing the ‘diversity’ culture that has swamped the Labour party.
    How did we ever get to the stage where criticism of (Mainly) Asian extremists immediately attracts the mouthy minority to start throwing accusations of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’?
    Not once have I ever seen or heard Barron,Champion or Healey make any criticisms of mosque leaders radicalising young people and others recruiting vulnerable and brain dead young men to join extremist groups and fight ‘Holy Wars’.
    To understand the Labour party’s failure to tackle extremism we only have to look back at their abject failure to deport Abu Quatadar (“Captain Hook”) during their 13 years of misgovernance of our country.
    Labour party + criticism of IS=Oxymoron.


    • Colin, don’t understand where your comment re extremism came from but it has nothing to do with the subject of this post, which is the failures of both Officers and Councillors to do their jobs properly with regard to their response to Child Sexual Exploitation. Please refrain from diversion off topic as it only serves to dilute the impact and serves to put others off from commenting.


      • The point I was trying to make was in response to the first post and ‘fiferalfa’ who both mentioned lack of actions by our MP’s It may not be PC to say so but I regard Akhtar’s behaviour as ‘extreme’.(adj. exceeding what is usual or reasonable; immoderate: extreme behaviour.. very strict, rigid, or severe; drastic) He is a member of the Labour party. He is Champion’s Election Agent. Where and what is the the response from the Labour party?
        I think “the failures of both Officers and Councillors to do their jobs properly with regard to their response to Child Sexual Exploitation” is an extreme failure. Criticism of Akhtar when he was a councillor led to accusations of racism and Islamaphobia.
        Extreme behaviour in my book.

        PS. Having spent 10 minutes on the Naughty Step as penance I promise not to divert a thread again!


    • No government comes out of the Abu Qatada saga well. It was the Tories that granted him asylum in the first place.
      IS hardly needs the help of mosque leaders as recruiters – it has the internet and we have “faith schools* “, and whilst some of its recruits may be what you call “brain dead”, others are very bright – and it’s those we should worry about.
      * as the Minutes of the 6 August Cabinet meeting show, opening up a new faith school (this one is a Madrassa on Broom Lane) is so so easy:
      Councillor Hussain, Cabinet Member for Communities and Cohesion, understood that this former Doctors’ Surgery was sold and purchased by a private individual who turned the premises into a faith school for young people in the community.
      It was uncertain if there was a need for planning permission for a change of use for the building and it was assumed that the necessary rules and regulations with regards to safeguarding were being adhered to.


  3. If there was nothing to hide, why did RMBC spend £250,000 trying to injunct the Times, to prevent the story from reaching public attention?


  4. Given the attention now being focused on electoral shenanigans in Tower Hamlets (with some paralells to Rotherham?) how long before the national spotlight shines on our town? Whenever Rotherham has featured recently in national news it is for some horrendous reason: EDL marches, sex exploitation, mad PC Council Officers and a disgraced MP. That’s why I stood in the by election because I think Rotherham has a lot more going for it and deserves better. It is down to the electorate to turn out and vote in someone who cares. “The leaders we get are the ones we deserve” has some truth in a participative democracy…


    • Rev, it could be hard find parallels between Tower Hamlets and Rotherham.
      Tower Hamlets is 31% White British, Rotherham 93%.
      As I understand it the Tower Hamlets electoral “shenanigans” are focused around a battle for hegemony between two quite separate waves of Bangladeshi immigration.
      I’ve known the area since the 1960’s, and it has changed a lot in that time and for the better.


      • Simon will have been alluding to the fact that those with power in Rotherham, have ongoing and influential allegiances, clan loyalties, that they ruthlessly exploit for electoral purposes, not always legal, it has been alleged.
        That is the parallel being referred to. It should be noted that it is Rotherham Constituency that has been exclusively targeted by the ‘control freaks’ and biraderists. The demographics that are relevant therefore, are those of the Rotherham Constituency, not Rotherham as a whole. .


  5. Wil, mentioned the PPC elections – did anyone notice the West Midlands PCC by-election last week were all of 10.4% turned out to vote.
    ‘ “The leaders we get are the ones we deserve” has some truth in a participative democracy… ‘ says the Rev.


  6. Thanks guys for those responses, always good to learn more. Some Parallels springing to my mind include the idea that probing too deeply into murky depths can be countered with the parrot cry of “racism, islamaphobia” etc, as happens in TH. We need to be very phobic about any practices that subvert democracy and accountability and we need courage to face down that kind of defence. What if Cliff Richard or the Roman Catholic Church used faith as a shield and cried “persecution” when they were in fact guilty of abuse laid at their door? I for one, would not respect that kind of stand. The same criteria should be applied, regardless of faith/ethnicity in all cases and blow the consequences for individuals later proven wanting. We all need courage and humility to face the truth…


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