Taxi companies could face tougher licensing rules in bid to tackle sex abuse


TAXI companies could face tougher licensing regimes in an effort to tackle child sexual exploitation in places like Rotherham, a transport minister has suggested. John Hayes said current regulations were “being gamed”, amid concerns that taxis which fail to obtain … Continue reading

A few pertinent questions


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Maybe new name… but with same players ?…. Seems strange to me ..postcode matches A1 taxis .. S60 1HW A couple of the phone numbers when Googled  bring a fencing company up  ..      .. Another brings up  the meeting place … Continue reading

South Yorkshire Police given list of key Sheffield and Rotherham abuse suspects in 2003


EXCLUSIVE: South Yorkshire Police given list of key Sheffield and Rotherham abuse suspects in 2003 Rotherham abuse warning reports released The Star article says: “The list of suspected offenders has been redacted from a version of the report … Continue reading

RMBC Announce – Tighter taxi regulations in Rotherham


Tighter taxi regulations in Rotherham Residents in Rotherham are once again being asked for their views on tighter regulations being recommended for the borough’s taxi trade. Commissioner Mary Ney, who is responsible for licensing for Rotherham Borough Council, has agreed … Continue reading

Rotherham’s taxi companies could face more stringent standards in the future.


The main changes include: The application and vetting process will see drivers have to successfully complete a BTEC Level 2 Certificate that will ensure drivers understand a wide or matters including customer care, disability awareness, and matters relating to adult … Continue reading

Fact or fiction?

It could be straight from the pages of a second rate work of fiction.

In the Advertiser Friday 1st February 2013 cabinet member for cohesion Cllr Mahroof Hussain MBE is reported to have denied that fears of offending certain groups had hampered Rotherham’s approach to Child Sexual Exploitation.

He said “ We don`t care what religion colour or creed people are, if they commit grooming offences they should be charged and prosecuted to the maximum extent, We don`t tiptoe around it”

Don`t tiptoe around it?

From the minutes of a Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children’s Board meeting:

”There are sensitivities of ethnicity with the potential to endanger the harmony of community relationships. Great care will be taken in drafting…this report to ensure that its findings embrace Rotherham’s qualities of Diversity. It is imperative that suggestions of a wider cultural phenomenon are avoided”

From the same Board, one of the factors that influenced the way the Board would manage the release of the report into the tragic death of Laura Wilson:

The impact on community cohesion.

Put the above into the context of the view from HASC member MP David Winnick you do have to ask what is going on?

Labour MP David Winnick said “the general impression” is that those alleged to be involved with child abuse in Rotherham “have been able to get away with their vile activity, without sufficient pressure from the authorities”.

Moving onto the governance of the Rotherham taxi trade, evidence that it has not been as robust as it should have been, again from the minutes of the Local Children’s Safeguarding Board:

Concern was also expressed regarding the recent case of a taxi driver who has had his CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) record cleared, despite there being intelligence on him with regard to child protection concerns.

A real anxiety for those supporting children subjected to grooming and abuse is that the children are reluctant to come forward in the fear of not being believed.

Therefore in the current climate it’s hard to comprehend that a Twitter feed would carry this deeply offensive headline:

Exposing the lies and half truths on Child exploitation

It would be interesting to find out whom in Rotherham distributed it and why, more importantly have any followers of the accounts taken those behind the offensive headline to task?

As it’s Rotherham, probably not.