Litigation: Go in as Pigs, come out as Sausage Meat


Not convinced by the Tisers reporting of the current defamation case by the 3 MP against Collins of UKIP. They don’t seem to understand the role of the Judges first ruling back in April that the UKIP Collins had made … Continue reading

Labour Candidate Selections – an insider explains


“you have recently run some stories of unfair and undemocratic selection processes in Rotherham labour. I want to add to that, as someone who has been in the loop of Rotherham labour selection processes since 2005, I can confidently tell you … Continue reading

Labour’s list of candidates for Yorkshire and The Humber


Yorkshire and The Humber 1.    MCAVAN, Linda 2.    CORBETT, Richard 3.    TUNNICLIFFE , Eleanor 4.    KHAN, Asghar 5.    MIRFIN-BOUKOURIS, Helen 6.    HUGHES , Darren

Old Labour – New Labour – Scum Labour in Rotherham’s Stone Age!

When Trambuster coined the title ‘Scum Labour’, to sum up the sorry state of democracy and participation in Rotherham’s Labour Party of today, I thought he may have been a little harsh in his criticism. However after reviewing some of the facts, I am tempted to agree with him.

Remember the ‘Layden’ Days, when Jack Layden, Eric Manns and Friend Cooper ruled the roost, far from idyllic were they?

The days of Keith Billington followed by Mark Edgells, New Labour, were at least optimistic but this ultimately turned out to be no more than a ‘Prague spring’ moment.

Rotherham’s ‘Stone Age’ has returned us to the ‘Old Labour’ Days, with the premium again placed on rigid discipline, but this in the modern era has evolved into ‘Scum Labour’ make no mistake.

A working definition of ‘Scum Labour’ might be ‘Old Labour’ plus extraordinary greed at all levels from parish, Town Hall and both Houses of Parliament, the gravy train was exploited to the full, ‘fill your boots’ was their only maxim by all accounts. Hadn’t got a receipt? Never mind, just make one of your own! Nobody seems to serve the public for nothing any more? Even the Standards Board Members are paid! Who decides how much? The councillors they police! An outrageous example of ignored conflict of interests, I would have thought? Others less charitable, might conclude that the Councillors and co-opted members were in a corrupt embrace! Perhaps? What do readers think?

Should Chris Read have known better?

Chris Read the Labour Party member and Wickersley Ward candidate in May’s local elections, now elected as a councillor on RMBC, who turned out to be from Swinton was revealed also to be a full time Labour apparatchik! who works in York! For York Labour Party, in a prior posting and was therefore confirmation that indeed he should have known better!

The issue of Chris Read being a Labour employee who drove a ‘coach and horses’ through the rules on completion of nomination papers in order to procure a ballot paper that was essentially deceptive in nature and caused considerable attention and potential embarrassment for Yorkshire & Humber Labour Party would, you would have thought, been dealt with by now! But the fact that this issue won’t go away, and no one locally or regionally, has told him to stop his stupidity and put a halt to him being less than truthful to his constituents, speaks volumes about the tolerance of the Labour Party to abuses and wrongdoing such as this!

We have demonstrated beyond per adventure, that his creative approach to what constitutes a Full Postal Address, is not legal and will be vigorously challenged should any future repetition of this deceptive little scheme occur. An apology and correction of his Members Interests declaration would not go amiss!