The Annual Greed Parade!

For those who missed this information, published Friday July 20th 2012 in the Rotherham Advertiser, close to the back pages, well page 87, actually:

Cllrs Allowances, Travel & Subsistence 2011-2012
Name Basic Special R Travel Subsistence Total
Akhtar J 12129.96 20722.6 18.4 32870.96
Ali S 12129.96 1233.96 249.8 67.6 13681.32
Andrews J 10858.27 1068.11 11926.38
Atkin A 12129.96 5349.96 17479.92
Austen J 1271.69 1124.18 2395.87
Barron I 12129.96 1233.96 13363.92
Beaumont C 10858.27 1068.11 11926.38
Beck D 10858.27 1068.11 11926.38
Blair W 12129.96 12129.96
Buckley A 12129.96 1233.96 169.66 13533.58
Burton J 12129.96 1233.96 33.65 13397.57
Currie S 12129.96 5349.96 17479.92
Cutts B 1271.69 1271.69
Dalton J 10858.27 1068.11 11926.38
Dodson B 12129.96 5349.96 17479.92
Donaldson L 12129.96 12129.96
Doyle J 12129.96 16083 161.6 79 28453.56
Ellis 12129.96 4630.88 16760.84
Falvey J 12129.96 1233.96 13363.92
Fenoughty T 12129.96 12129.96
Foden J 12129.96 12129.96
Gamble J 8086.64 8086.64
Gilding J 12129.96 10722.96 22852.92
Gosling A 12129.96 1233.96 13363.92
Goulty K 12129.96 1233.96 13363.92
Hamilton J 12129.96 1233.96 13363.92
Hamilton N 12129.96 12129.96
Havenhand J 12129.96 5349.96 17479.92
Hodgkiss F 12129.96 12129.96
Hughes D 12129.96 9281.7 21411.66
Hussain M 12129.96 16083 28212.96
Jack H 12129.96 10722.96 117.8 11.4 22982.12
Johnston L 12129.96 5349.96 44.8 17524.72
Kaye B 12129.96 1233.96 13363.92
Kirk M 12129.96 12129.96
Lakin P 12129.96 16083 21.5 79 28313.46
License N 11731.5 1233.96 12965.46
Littleboy R 1271.69 129.37 76.8 1477.86
Mannion A 12129.96 12129.96
McNeely R 12129.96 15362.57 27492.53
Middleton C 12129.96 12129.96
Nightingale G 12129.96 12129.96
Parker M 12129.96 719.08 12849.04
Pickering D 12129.96 10722.96 22852.92
Pitchley L 10858.27 10858.27
Read C 10858.27 10858.27
Roddison A 10858.27 10858.27
Rushforth A 12129.96 13921.31 243 26294.27
Russell A 12129.96 10722.96 22852.92
Russell P 12129.96 1233.96 13363.92
Russell R 12129.96 16083 80 67.6 28360.56
Sangster A 12129.96 10722.96 22852.92
Sharman T 12129.96 2882.13 15012.09
Sims K 12129.96 1068.11 13198.07
Slade B 1271.69 1271.69
Smith G 12129.96 16083 269.9 28482.86
StJohn I 1271.69 1686.12 312.4 20 3290.21
Steele B 12129.96 1233.96 13363.92
Stone R 12129.96 32169.96 181.42 44481.34
Swift J 12129.96 5349.96 17479.92
Thirlwall P 1271.69 1271.69
Turner J 12129.96 12129.96
Tweed S 12129.96 1233.96 7.25 13371.17
Walker S 12129.96 1233.96 8.3 13372.22
Whelbourne G 12129.96 16083 28212.96
Whysall J 12129.96 10722.96 22852.92
Wooton P 12129.96 10722.96 22852.92
Wright S 12129.96 5616.3 163.2 293.72 18203.18
Wyatt 12129.96 16083 148.4 28361.36
Totals 758474.01 350603.67 1561.51 1364.69 1112003.88

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Want a copy to work with? Download here:
Cllrs Allowances 2011-2012 Basic Info.pdf
Cllrs Allowances 2011-2012 Basic Info.xls MS Office

Shaun Wright’s Supporters – Hidden Agenda?

In the first posting, using information brought to our attention by an anonymous RikiLeaks correspondent, to whom we are grateful, we bring you some interesting information on Shaun Wright’s uber-supporters:


What kind of idiot registers a campaign website with 47 characters in it? Darren Hughes, that’s who! Amazing? The work of an incompetent, or a fool! Little wonder then his campaign was so poor in May’s local election.

Those hailing from Rotherham in bold

John Healey MP – Wentworth & Dearne Constituency
Cllr Steve Houghton CBE – Leader Barnsley Council
Cllr Roger Stone OBE – Leader Rotherham Council
Cllr Jahangir Akhtar – Deputy Leader Rotherham Council
Cllr Jim Andrews – Barnsley East CLP Secretary & Chairman South Yorkshire Fire Authority
Cllr Ken Richardson – Barnsley Central CLP Secretary
Mr Alan Goy – Rother Valley CLP Secretary
Cllr Maggie Clark – Rotherham CLP Secretary
Cllr Neil Hamilton -Wentworth & Dearne CLP Secretary
Mr John Mills – Don Valley CLP Secretary
Mr Jim Smith – Sheffield Central CLP Secretary
Mrs Elizabeth Gee – Headteacher
Mrs Tammy Hayward – Hospital Ward Sister
Miss Jade Mellows – Miss Sheffield & Businesswoman
Mrs Winnie Billups – Chair of Area Housing Panel
Mrs Kath Roden – Branch Secretary Royal British Legion
Mrs Ann Gallagher – GMB Branch Secretary
Mr Ken Curran Chairman of Unison Labour Link
Mr John Cafferty – UNISON Regional Secretary
Karen Reay – UNITE Regional Secretary
Mrs Carol Maleham – UNISON Branch Secretary
Cllr Kath Sims – Labour Group Secretary
Mr Reg Littleboy – District Labour Party Secretary
Cllr Lindsay Johnston – District Labour Party Chair
Cllr Patricia Knight – Don Valley CLP Chair
Cllr Alan Gosling – Labour Group Chair & Wentworth & Dearne CLP Chair
Mick Clapham – Retired MP for Barnsley West & Penistone
Jeff Ennis – Retired MP for Barnsley East & Mexborough
Mr Lee Parkinson – GMB Branch Chair
Mr Mick Stowe – UNISON Branch Chair
Cllr Alan Atkin – Vice Chairman South Yorkshire Fire Authority
Mr Tony Wright – UNISON NHS Branch Secretary
Mrs Rona Helliwell
Cllr Karen Dyson
Cllr May Noble
Cllr Margaret Sheard
Cllr Eva Hughes
Cllr Emma Wallis
Cllr Ann Russell
Cllr Judy Dalton
Cllr Lindsay Pitchley
Cllr Jane Hamilton – CLP Treasurer
Cllr Patricia Russell
Cllr Rose McNeeley
Cllr Jackie Falvey
Cllr Jane Havenhand
Cllr Tracey Cheetham
Cllr Maggie Godfrey
Cllr Denise Lelliot
Cllr Gordon Watson
Mrs Sheila Walker
Cllr Jennifer Whysall
Cllr Joe Hayward – BLP Secretary
Cllr Tim Shepherd
Cllr Robin Franklin – BLP Secretary
Cllr Alan Gardiner
Cllr Martin Dyson
Cllr John Parkinson
Mr Trevor Cave – BLP Secretary
Mr Mick Clegg – Shop Steward
Cllr Tom Sheard
Cllr Graham Kyte
Cllr David Leech
Cllr Bill Mordue
Cllr Barry Dodson
Cllr Terry Sharman
Cllr Shaukat Ali
Cllr John Foden
Cllr Paul Lakin
Cllr Brian Steel – UNISON Convenor
Cllr Dave Pickering
Mr Darren Hughes
Cllr John Swift
Cllr Geb Nightingale
Cllr Keith Goulty
Cllr Dominc Beck
Cllr David Roche
Cllr Glyn Whelbourn
Cllr Alex Sangster
Cllr Alan Atkin
Cllr Richard Russell
Cllr Chris Read
Cllr Peter Wootton
Cllr Alan Buckley
Cllr Andrew Roddison
Cllr Simon Tweed
Cllr Gerald Smith
Cllr Colin Barron

Even when Shaun Wright’s spurious duplicate is removed, this list is perhaps more revelatory than intended? A few random thoughts:

Fifty Two are from Rotherham (at least!) in a list of Eighty Seven, a staggering 59.7% in fact! This does rather lend credence to the information supplied to us, that a conspiracy to get rid of Shaun Wright from Rotherham MBC was afoot!

When the new Cabinet was announced, well before selection for PCC candidates had occurred, Shaun Wright’s name was not among them? Did Roger Stone think he was not up to it after his Children and Families debacle?

Not good enough to be a Rotherham Cabinet Member? Yet foisted on the long suffering people of South Yorkshire as PPC Labour Candidate by his ‘mates’ mounting a campaign not to support him, we are told, but to get rid of him!

Shaun Wright’s Campaign Manager, Mr Hughes and rumoured Rawmarsh Ward successor, is also on this list?

Darren Hughes, would seem to be a strange choice? Given that he was the only Labour Candidate in May’s Local Elections to loose his seat, after what turned out to have been a spectacularly ill-judged campaign in Anston & Woodsetts Ward!

That and the fact that he was trying the impossible, to get himself elected once again as though his duplicitous support for the Exclusive Brethren and swapping sides from Tory to Labour would not have been noticed. Turning up to meetings in his Porshe or Range Rover, does not make him a convincing Labour man at all!

I note that there is only one Member of Parliament listed as a supporter of Shaun Wright John Healey Wentworth & Dearne Constituency. Easily manipulated? It would certainly appear so.

Why was Denis MacShane not on this list, even though he had very publicly backed Shaun Wright? Too embarrassing even for this Labour apparatchik to claim his support? Not very popular in South Yorkshire, is our Denis!

Shaun Wright, the Rhetoric and the Hard Reality!

From the web page, to elect Shaun Wright as the Labour candidate for Police Commissioner:

“If you want someone who will prioritise those most vulnerable from crime in our society – women, the elderly and our young people?”

Yes we would Cllr Wright; however let’s just have a look at your role in condemning the exploitation of the young and vulnerable here in Rotherham.

Was your department criticised in the Laura Wilson serious case review, YES
Have you since spoken out against the exploitation of children in the Borough, NO

Will you end the silence and break ranks from Stone, Hoddinott et al and stand up for vulnerable and  at risk children? No sign of it happening any time soon!

Shaun Wright is not alone; all of these Elected Members continue to remain tight lipped on this serious issue, Why?

Hoddinott (I want to be an MP), Astbury, Dalton, Andrews, Donaldson, Ellis, Beaumont, Clark, Burton, Godfrey, Falvey, Hamilton, Johnston, Lelliott, Pitchley, Russell(x2), McNeeley, Whysall, Havenhand, Sims and Rushforth.

Prior to the release of the serious case review RMBC produced a media handing strategy with a full list of questions and answers and civic lines to take.

Why did Shaun Wright, Martin Kimber and Roger Stone refuse to speak to BBC Radio Sheffield when they asked RMBC for a representative to answer questions on their 17.00hr news slot?

Not the kind of behaviour you expect from a possible Police Commissioner and well paid individuals in a public body.

I know what will finally flush Shaun Wright out to condemn the abuse of children in the Borough, the thought that he just might be saying goodbye to a £80,000 a year pay packet if the opposition use his silence against him.

Money is more important than speaking up for vulnerable children as far as RMBC Elected Members are concerned, look at the long list above.

The phoney Police Commissioner electioneering period is over and Shaun Wright is out there using the toothless and tame Rotherham Advertiser to peddle his vision for policing in South Yorkshire, the content is interesting.

I wonder if Shaun Wright has now resigned from the Police Authority or is he using some technical notice period to retain the income from his position on the Authority?

On a separate point, I know Rotherham has its problems, is it true that Martin Kimber has yet to establish a permanent family home in the Borough?

RMBC think that the issue of their silence regarding grooming, exploitation etc will go away; please let me assure them, I will not let it drop.