The serious questions start!


Ged Fitzgerald was at Rotherham until 2003, after which Mike Cuff took over and he started to review the strategic and operational management of the Council’s finances. Andrew Bedford (Acting Director of Education Culture and Leisure) was seconded to work … Continue reading

Time for some serious reading?


Want to help? You all can. The reports issued on Wednesday, were accompanied by so much spin, it is not possible to say exactly what these reports are saying to us. These reports deserve to be widely read and the … Continue reading

Wow 10,000 signatures in only 2 days! Thank You


10 Sep 2017 — Thank you to everyone for all your support, it really means so much and please keep sharing. To the mum’s of victims who have signed, thank you so much, and please know that we survivors are here … Continue reading

The “miserable silence” of those who refused to take part in Rotherham CSE inquiry


COUNCIL leader Chris Read accused past senior councillors and managers of a “miserable silence” after it emerged several refused to take part in the inquiry. Some declined to be interviewed, some failed to respond to interview requests and others only … Continue reading

Top Ten Posts last week – Total 630 page views

Silly season doldrums this week as holidays take their toll on web traffic. We are indebted to all our readers as usual, thanks to you all!

Home page 246
Rotherham Politics – frequently asked questions? 49
News just in – another sham consultation? 31
Rotherham criticised in Parliament – Simply Unacceptable! 29
Another one of Gerald Smith’s lies nailed! 28
Gerald Smith condemns himself in own words! Is he stupid or dissembling? 25
Borough Council Elections 2011 Results 22
News just in! Police to probe Labour Dirty Tricks! 20
Top Ten Posts last week – Total 1159 page views 14
Mike Cuff leads the high life! 13

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