Piggies 1 – Services 0


Wil Ewart puts forward this money saving scheme, two birds with one Stone, perhaps? “The 2011 Census identified the population of Rotherham as 257,600 and to represent us there are 63 councillors. Doncaster has 288,854 people (31,254 or 12% more) … Continue reading

Fireman Sam’s New Car

A simple question, in times of severe  pressure on Fire Service budgets do you try to maintain the number of operational fire appliances or do you buy £36,000 Audi A6 executive cars for the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue senior command team?

A no brainer you would think, not if you are Cllr Alan Atkin and Cllr Alan Buckley both members of the SYFRS Authority.

Both of our RMBC Councillors will give the go ahead to purchase the executive cars ensuring the egos of the Chief Fire Officer, his Deputy and other senior officers are maintained while at the same time approving the closure of fire stations and making front line fire fighters redundant.

Let’s hope the cars come with a full BA team and fitted with a Simon Snorkel!


Aneurin Bevan

Time for Rotherham to bite the bullet?

Rotherham Politics suggestion for savings No Two.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council elected members have had for years the highest allowances in South Yorkshire!

Is Rotherham one of the largest authorities in Yorkshire?

Definitely not! Rotherham is by any stretch of the imagination a small authority and the Councillors have been taking the mickey for many a year! All 63 of them!

For Rotherham Borough Councillors to achieve their appropriate level by comparison with Authorities of similar size and complexity a reduction of a third would be required!

Rotherham Borough Councillors must ‘bite the bullet’ this year and implement reforms of this magnitude, if they want to convince us that they are up to the challenges to come! Now would be a good time for them to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ and implement significant reforms as their greed is becoming distinctly embarrassing for ‘The Peoples Party’, and their leader, Ed Miliband a local Doncaster MP!

How much would this save in this ‘age of austerity’? A cool £400,000!

Together with our previous proposal to save money, see Rotherham Politics suggestion for savings No One, the grand total comes to £550,000! A not inconsiderable sum of our money!

Further postings in this series to come. If you have your own and want to add them to our list, please email Rothpol.

Institute for Fiscal Studies – Worrying conclusions for Rotherham in new report

The IFS (Institute for Fiscal Studies) has recently released it’s report, School funding reform: an empirical analysis of options for a national funding formula.

Despite it’s rather anodyne title, it has some very worrying conclusions about the future of education at all levels, for us here in Rotherham.

Just trying to digest the report. For those who would like to read it themselves. Download the report here as a pdf. The most important bit is on the last page.

In the Press:

The Star – £17m budget cuts will hit pupils hard