Today’s Times coverage in full


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More of Andrew Norfolk’s excellent work today:

looking for a connection?


“There are two strong rumours flying around today.. 1 The Casey Report is being published within the next 24 hours. The only question being who is it being sent it , with a possibility that politicians and journalists may get … Continue reading

Nightmare Continues? Breitbart – New CSE cases in Rotherham!


“A Sky News investigation reveals hundreds of new cases of children being sexually exploited in Rotherham six months after report into abuse in the town.”

Miliband’s brave words then Labour’s lack of action!


Alexis Jay presented her report to the world, on 26th August, last year. Yes getting on for five months ago! Many brave words were spoken and written at the time. This would count as the definitive version taken, as it … Continue reading

In my day it was militant!


Those of us, who cut our political teeth, when Wilson and Callaghan led the Labour Party, will be able also to remember one group of determined entrists, calling themselves Militant and organising around their newspaper of the same name! Eventually, … Continue reading

Is Jahangir Akhtar playing the ‘race card’ with Labour?


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This illuminating tweet has been pointed out to Rothpol can’t resist sharing it with readers:

Mob Rule?


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Yesterdays outrageous scenes outside the Town Hall were followed by more at Riverside House: Readers may not wish to miss this insight into the mindset behind this kind of outrageous behaviour that has no place in a democracy: Time to … Continue reading