With a little help from his ‘friends’?


Barry Dodson, the Ex-Labour Councillor, Ex-Mayor (for three weeks) and currently a non-party member, is standing for the Council as an Independent for Rotherham East Ward. Normally in cases where they stand against official Labour candidates, their vote is likely … Continue reading

Reflections from a witness to an outrage! The Photos


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It has taken a while, but now I can now bring readers the Photographic evidence of the disgraceful and outrageous scenes outside a Labour Party meeting. I am wishing to identify those involved from these pictures. They are of variable … Continue reading

Has multi-culturism failed us – new model required?


The thing about these reports (links below) is to read them for yourself, and make your own mind up. Don’t let others tell you about them, or pass their own views on without you reading them yourselves. As the author … Continue reading

Peter Thirlwall asserts his democratic rights!


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Peter Thirlwall once again is having to assert his democratic rights. This is first post on this subject, from this weeks Advertiser: .

Sarah Champion’s attitude to misogyny?


Too good to miss! Republished from a comment: The reality is she doesn’t comment upon the misogyny within Rotherham Labour Party, so I don’t see any pheasants emerging. I can’t decide whether she is naive, not very bright or brighter … Continue reading

More determined than ever!


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This rather spiteful little letter appeared in last weeks Advertiser. Published anonymously one can only speculate as to who was the author? Helpfully these words bear an uncanny resemblance to a facebook posting by an old friend of Peter Thirlwall. … Continue reading

SY PCC Elections – flip-flopping?

Slipping under the radar is the news that Shaun Wright intends to stand down from his role as Councillor!

This leaves the door open for the Rotherham Labour Party to impose Tory Boy onto the unsuspecting citizens of Wrights ward, sounds familiar it should.

On one hand they bleat about the NEC and their selection process for candidates and then ape the NEC in putting Tory Boy forward!

The full stench of Rotherham Labour hypocrisy!

To rub salt into the wound, in a previous role Tory Boy was involved with that secretive sect trying to build on green belt in Anston, surprise, surprise the sect are back with a modified application.

I wonder who has been advising them?