With a little help from his ‘friends’?


Barry Dodson, the Ex-Labour Councillor, Ex-Mayor (for three weeks) and currently a non-party member, is standing for the Council as an Independent for Rotherham East Ward. Normally in cases where they stand against official Labour candidates, their vote is likely … Continue reading

Reflections from a witness to an outrage! The Photos


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It has taken a while, but now I can now bring readers the Photographic evidence of the disgraceful and outrageous scenes outside a Labour Party meeting. I am wishing to identify those involved from these pictures. They are of variable … Continue reading

Has multi-culturism failed us – new model required?


The thing about these reports (links below) is to read them for yourself, and make your own mind up. Don’t let others tell you about them, or pass their own views on without you reading them yourselves. As the author … Continue reading

Peter Thirlwall asserts his democratic rights!


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Peter Thirlwall once again is having to assert his democratic rights. This is first post on this subject, from this weeks Advertiser: .

Sarah Champion’s attitude to misogyny?


Too good to miss! Republished from a comment: The reality is she doesn’t comment upon the misogyny within Rotherham Labour Party, so I don’t see any pheasants emerging. I can’t decide whether she is naive, not very bright or brighter … Continue reading

More determined than ever!


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This rather spiteful little letter appeared in last weeks Advertiser. Published anonymously one can only speculate as to who was the author? Helpfully these words bear an uncanny resemblance to a facebook posting by an old friend of Peter Thirlwall. … Continue reading

SY PCC Elections – flip-flopping?

Slipping under the radar is the news that Shaun Wright intends to stand down from his role as Councillor!

This leaves the door open for the Rotherham Labour Party to impose Tory Boy onto the unsuspecting citizens of Wrights ward, sounds familiar it should.

On one hand they bleat about the NEC and their selection process for candidates and then ape the NEC in putting Tory Boy forward!

The full stench of Rotherham Labour hypocrisy!

To rub salt into the wound, in a previous role Tory Boy was involved with that secretive sect trying to build on green belt in Anston, surprise, surprise the sect are back with a modified application.

I wonder who has been advising them?

Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 13th Nov

This will be another very interesting day in the by-election lead up.

Labour members meeting tonight at New York Stadium, the shortlist:

– Sarah Champion is the Chief Exec of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, a role she has held since 2008. Before that she was chief executive of the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester for 12 years.

– Sophy Gardner is a former RAF Wing Commander, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was also in charge of RAF transport and refuelling assets during the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Afghanistan operations 2001-2, for which she was awarded the MBE. She’s an advocate for Labour Friends of the Forces, and runs her own communications strategy consultancy. Gardner was shortlisted for Feltham and Heston.

Labour stitch-up or inspired shortlist?

There were rumours right at the beginning that Rotherham would be suitable for an all women shortlist, given that the other two MPs happen to be male!

Now members have one imposed, which, for some, will test their loyalty beyond breaking point!

Newsflash! So much hot air released in the Lubyanka, they have turned the heating off!

Simon Wilson, a businessman, has been chosen to fight the by-election for the Conservatives.

UKIP are choosing their candidate this evening, more later.

Michael Beckett selected for Liberal Democrats!

Rowdy scenes at New York Labour selection – Champion selected with a majority of 2 with 13 votes!

Darren Hughes & the Exclusive Brethren – ‘Useful Idiot’ or something more?

Darren Hughes, RMBC Councillor for Anston & Woodsetts Ward who actually lives in Catcliffe, has been reported to have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to facilitate this locally unwelcome application for development, in part of Rotherham’s precious green belt at Anston.

Why did he support the Exclusive Brethren’s planning application?

Perhaps it was for the following reasons, in no particular order:

  • It will provide much needed education for the children of his Anston & Woodsetts constituents?
  • It will enhance the site by destroying valuable wildlife habitat?
  • The local roads are under used?
  • It will advance Rotherham’s equalities Agenda?
  • Labour’s own national education policy supports this?
  • The education on offer will be fully compliant with the National Curriculum?
  • Science teaching will be excellent?
  • There will be many jobs for local constituents of Darren?
  • LGBT isues will be dealt with sympathetically?
  • The Exclusive Brethren are not a ‘cult’ that splits up families?
  • The local community will benefit and welcome this development?
  • The school will not be engaging in ‘brainwashing’ amounting to ‘child abuse’?
  • Local businesses will benefit?
  • Information Technology and computer science teaching will be ‘World class’?
  • It will provide Rotherham citizens a new place to get married or enter a civil partnership?
  • It will provide another place of worship, welcoming to all Christians?

This by no means exhaustive list of questions can only be answered in the negative, so why has Darren Hughes been so supportive of the Brethren’s proposals? We have a right to be told!

Useful Idiot‘ is one possible explanation, there are others much less charitable to Darren Hughes. Darren Hughes’s, Anston & Woodsetts constituents are waiting for answers! See comment below.

That application to remind readers what the Exclusive Brethren want:


Application Ref – RB2011/1568
Date Valid – 03/11/2011
Case Officer – Leanne Cain
Applicant – Elsworth Acres Ltd
Proposal – Erection of 2 No. buildings to form independent school, convention centre and gospel hall including associated car parking, landscaping and surface water retention pond and erection of ancillary caretaker’s dwelling including detached double garage
Property land at – Todwick Road
District – North Anston
Consultation_Period – START 11/11/2011
Consultation_Period- END 02/12/2011
Provisional_Decision- Date 02/02/2012

Planning Documents Make Reference To The Following –

Full application, for the erection of an Independent School, Convention Centre and Gospel Hall. Car parking, area for coach parking, informal play areas, caretaker’s dwelling, surface water retention pond and associated landscaping. Provision For 186 Cars and 8 Coaches. Provision For 4 Bedroom House

Not just a school then but a whole complex!

A reader writes (as dictated over that wonderful invention the wireless telephone):

“No wonder he was prepared to sell us out on this! This loathsome local politician won’t be affected. He should be ashamed of himself. Can’t wait for May so we can tip him out!”

Thanks to Trambuster for the planning link, much appreciated. Rothpol.

Rotherham – Where everyone matters?

Back in July, Rotherham Politics questioned/lampooned, the council logo strapline, ‘Where everyone matters’. See, Having a laugh back for a change!!

The ‘Tiser in last Fridays edition carried not one, but two letters, that perfectly illustrate our point. The first from Jef Guest, has helpfully been available on the Tiser’s website:

READER LETTER: Why it matters when we say NO!

Published date: 28 November 2011 | Published by: Jef Guest

Mobile phones . . . vital, but the masts are unpopular.

Sir –  I have always been intrigued as to the true meaning of Rotherham Borough Council’s  strapline “Where Everyone Matters”.

In a recent edition of the Advertiser (November 11)  you featured an article entitled “Residents’ fury as phone mast appears.” Read on…………..

The second, in the print edition only I’m afraid. There is plenty of time for you to buy your own copy! From Brenda Bell, she told of a catalogue of changes that have gone full circle to the detriment of a small but significant group of citizens. Her main point was to question the selfsame strapline that forms an integral part of the council’s logo, “Where Everyone Matters”.

Rotherham Politics has been making available to readers, information that Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s commitment to be a listening council and pay more than lip service to consultation, seriously into question. This is why this version, kindly provided by Trambuster, is a far more accurate statement of reality than the original, unless of course readers have different views?

Rotherham – Where everyone matters? Pull the other one!

Readers may find this amusing, Rotherham surely having a laugh at our expense, perhaps? Another real gem, buried deep within the blog.