22 in Labour rout as it cuts ties with Rotherham’s past


22 in Labour rout as it cuts ties with Rotherham’s past TROUBLED Rotherham Council is aiming for a fresh start as Labour sift through their local election candidate list – ditching those with links to previous regimes. Government commissioners intervened … Continue reading

Election Snippet 2 – David Roche and Hoober Ward


Election Snippet 2 – David Roche and Hoober Ward Getting candidates and councillors but not fit for Public Office? Given the lack of scrutiny regarding Labour’s recent selection and the eleventh hour departure of Shakoor Adalat, Labour councillor candidate for … Continue reading

First from Mike Hookem and two local citizen UKIP candidates


This gallery contains 4 photos.

Thought readers might be interested in these two leaflets as they are the first from Mike Hookem and two local citizen UKIP candidates from the Wentworth & Dearne Constituency; I only have them as .pdf’ files at the moment I … Continue reading

Rotherham Labour selection news


The Wath result comes as no surprise, Jane Elliot was selected. There has been a surprise at Hoober though, when none of those shortlisted actually turned up! This leaves Hoober Labour Party, still in need of a candidate? Oh dear! … Continue reading

2014 elections – first look at the battleground

The 2014 Battleground, first look. These are the incumbent Councillors who’s Term of Office, expires May 2014.

Ward Incumbent Party
Anston & Woodsetts Ward Jo Burton Lab
Boston Castle Ward Rose McNeeley Lab
Brinsworth & Catcliffe Ward Alan Buckley Lab
Dinnington Ward Jackie Falvey Lab
Hellaby Ward Lynda Donaldson Con
Holderness Ward Gerald Smith Lab
Hoober Ward Brian Steele Lab
Keppel Ward Ian Barron Lab
Maltby Ward Amy Rushforth Lab
Rawmarsh Ward Shaun Wright Lab
Rother Vale Ward Richard Russell Lab
Rotherham East Shaukut Ali Lab
Rotherham West Jahangir Akhtar Lab
Silverwood Ward Pat Russell Lab
Sitwell Ward Tony Mannion Con
Swinton Ward Neil License Lab
Valley Ward Dave Pickering Lab
Wales Ward Jennifer Whysall Lab
Wath Ward Alan Atkin Lab
Wickersley Ward Sue Ellis Lab
Wingfield Ward Keith Goulty Lab

Borough Council Elections 2010 Results

Hoober Ward could be next to dump a dinosaur?

Reports that Frank Hodgkiss, Labour Member for Hoober Ward, is in serious difficulties support wise. It is rumoured, he may be the next to want more time with their families?

More news always wanted. Maurice Kirk? Alan Gosling? Anyone?

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Greediest Of Them All?…..

Let the figures speak for themselves!

Greed by Individual Councillor 2009-10
Rank Name 2009-10 Ward Up Next Year
1 Roger Stone £45,407.72 Silverwood Yes
2 Terry Sharman £34,062.38 Wingfield Yes
3 Richard Russell £29,127.27 Hoober No
4 Gerald Smith £28,730.15 Holderness No
5 Mahroof Hussain £28,670.90 Boston Castle No
6 Glyn Whelbourn £28,662.08 Rawmarsh No
7 Shaun Wright £28,624.15 Rawmarsh No
8 Jahangir Akhtar £28,622.08 Rotherham West No
9 Ken Wyatt £28,597.44 Swinton No
10 Iain StJohn £26,707.84 Anston & Woodsetts Yes
11 John Doyle £26,608.20 Swinton Yes
12 Dave Pickering £23,292.72 Valley No
13 Ann Russell £23,268.91 Silverwood No
14 Rose McNeely £23,186.91 Boston Castle No
15 Jane Austen £23,183.41 Holderness Yes
Georgina Boyes £23,183.41 Rother Vale No
17 Alex Sangster £23,182.96 Wath Yes
John Gilding £23,182.96 Sitwell Yes
19 Hilda Jack £23,180.04 Holderness No
Peter Wooton £23,180.04 Boston Castle Yes
21 Barry Dodson £17,821.29 Rotherham East Yes
22 John Swift £17,746.45 Rother Vale Yes
23 Lindsay Johnston £17,734.79 Wingfield No
Paul Lakin £17,734.79 Valley Yes
Jennifer Whysall £17,734.79 Wales No
26 Alan Atkin £17,064.05 Wath No
JRA Turner £17,064.05 Hellaby No
28 Maurice Kirk £14,366.66 Rotherham East No
Amy Rushforth £14,366.66 Maltby No
30 Frank Hodgkiss £14,191.06 Hoober No
31 Josephine Burton £13,974.74 Anston & Woodsetts No
32 Reg Littleboy £13,882.84 Brinsworth & Catcliffe Yes
33 Shaukat Ali £13,735.60 Rotherham East No
34 Pat Russell £13,640.64 Silverwood No
35 Ian Barron £13,596.78 Keppel No
36 Sheila Walker £13,588.84 Keppel No
37 Barry Kaye £13,570.24 Keppel Yes
38 Jacqueline Falvey £13,558.84 Dinnington No
Alan Gosling £13,558.84 Wath No
Jane Hamilton £13,558.84 Hoober Yes
Jane Havenhand £13,558.84 Dinnington Yes
42 Fred Wright £13,558.40 Brinsworth & Catcliffe No
43 Simon Currie £13,404.13 Valley No
Keith Goulty £13,404.13 Wingfield No
45 Simon Tweed £13,400.75 Dinnington No
46 Chris McMahon £12,952.16 Wickersley No
47 Neil License £12,772.58 Swinton No
48 Kath Sims £12,457.87 Rotherham West No
49 T Fenoughty £12,412.54 Wales No
50 Michael Clarke £12,306.98 Sitwell Dec
Brian Cutts £12,306.98 Hellaby Yes
Lynda Donaldson £12,306.98 Hellaby No
John Foden £12,306.98 Rotherham West Yes
Neil Hamilton £12,306.98 Rawmarsh Yes
Tony Mannion £12,306.98 Sitwell No
G Nightingale £12,306.98 Rother Vale No
G Sharp £12,306.98 Wales Yes
Ben Slade £12,306.98 Maltby Yes
Peter Thirlwall £12,306.98 Wickersley Yes
60 Will Blair £12,303.59 Maltby No
John Gamble £12,303.59 Brinsworth & Catcliffe No
Darren Hughes £12,303.59 Anston & Woodsetts No
Martyn Parker £12,303.59 Boston Castle No

Councillor Greed by Ward 2009-2010.
Ward totals in descending order.
Ward Total Rank
Silverwood £82,317.27 1
Holderness £75,093.60 2
Boston Castle £75,037.85 3
Rawmarsh £69,593.21 4
Swinton £67,978.22 5
Wingfield £65,201.13 6
Hoober £56,877.17 7
Valley £54,431.64 8
Wath £53,804.30 9
Rotherham West £53,386.93 10
Rother Vale £53,236.84 11
Anston & Woodsetts £52,986.17 12
Sitwell £47,796.88 13
Rotherham East £45,923.55 14
Wales £42,454.31 15
Hellaby £41,681.01 16
Keppel £40,755.86 17
Dinnington £40,518.43 18
Brinsworth & Catcliffe £39,744.83 19
Maltby £38,977.23 20
Wickersley £37,562.73 21

Extracted from: http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/download/3675/members_allowances_and_expenses_2009-10

Fresh Dearne Valley Pollution Alert!

Nearly twenty years ago the Dearne Valley was under threat of a Toxic Waste Incinerator that was slated for the old Dale & Brown Site in Swinton under cover of claimed ‘glass making’.

Swinton residents and many others throughout the Dearne Valley formed a campaign group when we were told by our then local Councillor, Michael Eagleton, now deceased and the then Chair of the Planning Committee, that it was a done deal and ‘nothing could be done’ to stop it.

Swinton Against Toxic Waste was eventually successful after much campaigning that involved large numbers of local people, determined to stop more toxic pollution being generated in this already heavily contaminated area.

Now all the residents of the Dearne Valley are under even greater threat to their environment with the proposed incineration of waste and waste processing on behalf of all three local Councils that make up the waste partnership BDR. (Barnsley, Doncaster & Rotherham)

The site chosen is in fact less than a mile from the Dale & Brown site in Swinton and would affect exactly the same people that campaigned successfully previously, to prevent waste incineration in the already heavily polluted Dearne Valley area.

The political oversight for this project is headed by the Rotherham Cabinet Member for Streetpride one Richard Russell.

Until the recent local elections, he was a Councillor for the Hoober Ward. Deselected by Labour members there, because of a complete lack of faith in him to continue serving the Hoober Ward as a Labour member and I am informed also for his overweening arrogance towards fellow members and the electorate at large.

Undaunted, he hawked himself around the Rotherham Borough until he found a seat with members even more gullible than those of  Hoober Ward, finally achieving success in Rother Vale Ward at the other end of town where his reputation was less well known.

His victory this year was somewhat diminished by the fact that he would have lost the seat to the Rotherham Independent, Rob Foulds, on any other year since 1974, if the General Election had not  ensured the turnout of many voters who had no real idea of the local Labour Candidate foisted upon them by a handful of amazingly stupid local Labour members.

The task of overseeing such a complex project is a job for someone who is capable of understanding the processes involved and the potential for dangers both in the short and the long term. They must be capable of ensuring that all information made public is balanced and reasonable while at the same time  responding to local concerns in ways that inspire confidence.

Is is vital therefore, that this task is performed by one of the ablest of councillors, not by such a frankly piss poor one, such as Richard Russell. The mere fact that Roger Stone*, or anyone else for that matter, has confidence in him to perform this task is breathtakingly arrogant and shows the basic inadequacy of Rotherham Labour Group and it’s overall level of competence to oversee the running of our Town.

A local campaign, Dearne Valley AIM’s (Against Incineration at Manvers) has formed already and are busily engaged in fighting these proposals that will burden all in the local area with further pollution to add to the already unacceptably high levels accrued in the area because of the heavily polluting industries of the past.

If you live anywhere in the Dearne Valley you should join them to stop this catastrophic proposal. They can be contacted by email by using this address, mickmarsden@talktalk.net.

Please do so without delay, this ill-conceived proposal will not stop itself!

People Power is the only way! Get involved and have your say!


* Roger Stone OBE, Leader of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, What? No Knighthood! like Jack Layden? Understandable really, because he is definitely not in the same league as Jack once was.